17 February 2012


guys, i'm pooped. this week has been utter insanity. emotional, mentally and physically taxing and draining. between studying for and taking 4 tough midterms, working, and trying to celebrate birthday week and Valentine's day i am exhausted. [it's a freaking good thing i don't have a boy friend because this girl had zero time for boys this week.] i stayed up until at least midnight every night this week. studied my butt off in all my spare time, and, well i feel like i have nothing to show for it. . . except maybe the 10 pounds i feel like i've gained, since i had no time to workout.

people keep asking me what i did for my birthday, and i have to break the news to them that i was at school from 9-5:30 and didn't exactly "party it up" all night either. unless you count studying functional anatomy as "partying." i didn't think so. secretly i think people are disappointed in me for not doing something amazing on my birthday or having a huge party, but i'm scrimping and saving college student and if i don't want to flip burgers my whole life, studying is way more important than partying. [did i just say that? yes, i did. i'm getting old.]

don't worry though! celebrations still occurred- although they were smallish events. i will be posting [tonight hopefully] about wednesday and thursday of birthday week. i don't think i will be going out tonight. i've kinda run out of people to beg to hang out with me. so i am seriously considering putting on sweats and watching all my tv shows that i didn't watch this week because i was too busy studying.
or just my comfy leggings and t-shirt that i laze around in.
this will be me tonight.

if anyone wants to join me please bring ice cream and a diet dr. pepper. i will love you forever.

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