17 February 2012

birthday week: day 3.

is it bad that i have to get out my planner to remember what i did this day? that's the kind of week it's been.

wednesday was a two-test day. what little celebrating i did, took place after taking two music 202 tests. [let it be known that i did not start studying for these tests until tuesday night. and, i hadn't done any of the reading for the entire semester. not the best idea.]
i finally got home from campus around 7 and found dinner on my doorstep from my visiting teacher. best. visiting teacher. ever. she is getting exalted for sure. [confession: i was so tired and hangry that i nearly cried when i saw this food. and i may have said "bless her soul" or something cheesy like that. sometimes, food makes me emotional.]
so happy to have a home cooked meal
my dad came down and took me shopping [because you may recall my diet was getting a little sketchy- too many starches, not enough fruits and veggies. yuck.]. he also brought down valentine's from my brothers. girls, if any of you should be so lucky to marry one of my brothers you should know that they know how to do valentine's! my 13 year old brother got me Toblerone and my 15 year old brother got me Ghiradellis . who needs a boyfriend to kiss when they have succulent chocolate from amazing brothers?! these gestures of love warmed my hangry soul. well, the chicken cordon bleu helped too.
after i shopped and scarfed down my dinner, miss jane elizabeth ostergar came over for dessert night. we made waffles with lemon poppy seed muffin mix. topped with butter and powdered sugar they are a delightful treat! we talked about... boys, obviously. jane and i are in somewhat similar situations, except not really.  i love her. she is hilarious. [and her hair is so beautiful i just want it for my own. caramel blond, thick and perfectly wavy.]  i can't wait for dessert night next week! [we should probably start doing something beside's dessert- aka something healthy- because we both love dessert way too much and would probably only eat dessert if we could get away with it.]
at midnight [my birthday!!!!] adam came over, with ulterior motives to get extra waffles, but purposefully to wish me a happy birthday. pretty sure my whole complex heard him wishing me a happy birthday but i am quite all right with that. i truly enjoyed him being the first birthday wisher. he does birthday wishing well.

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