19 February 2012

heather's baby shower

a week later and i'm finally posting about it. if you didn't know, my wonderful former roommate, Heather Stephenson is pregnant, due April 5! She is the first of us to have a baby and so we were all more than excited to throw her shower! amy did most of the planning (thanks girl!) and the rest of us helped out where we could. it was so fun helping out and making this a fun day (i hope) for Heather! we are so excited for you Heather and I know you will be a wonderful mom to Baby Boy Stephenson!
soup bar

drink station

fruit cones (Michelle's creation)

baby cake (Heather's mom made it)
root beer float cookies (Natalie)

condiment bar

eating soup bowls (Amy)
diaper cake (Amy and Gygi)
super soft baby blanket
Yoda baby doll (for Jed, of course)
the roommates (kyli, mickelle, heather, natalie, amy, me and michelle)

heather: i didn't put all the pictures of your gifts up here, but i have them if you want them :)


  1. I do want all the pictures! And I have to say, I am not a photogenic person in these pictures.... slightly embarrassed by my awkward looks I'm giving the camera ha ha. But please do send me the pictures!

  2. May I have these pictures too? I may want to blog about it as well.