19 February 2012

birthday week: day 4. WORLDWIDE CELEBRATION

it really was a world wide celebration because daniel was celebrating in russia and i got birthday wishes from africa!
i'm not gonna go through the whole day because it was actually a terribly dull day. i just want to give a few highlights.

best news recieved: my little brother, Hyrum, made it into the Music School (for piano) at BYU! i literally screamed when i found out the news.

best birthday wish: (from Bojan Elly, location Uganda) "Hapi birthday dear. may God enable you 2 become old & toothless"

best compliment: (from my spinning instructor who is a male graduate student and my brother's friend, he didn't know it was my birthday): "I'm shocked you aren't dating someone."

best surprise: a phone call (voicemail because i was in class) from Russia! daniel and i were going to skype that morning but it didn't work out so he called and left me a message. left me smiling all day.

best party throwing: becca clyde- thanks for the party girl! i really owe you one! you even did a fiesta which is what i wanted to do. the chips and salsa and cake were so good!
birthday cake time
so many pictures
birthday poster

newest characteristic of being 22: sassy-ness. i think it comes with being 22, but i am way more outspoken. i told of 3 cocky pre-med students in my physics lab. i literally wanted to punch them in the face.

best birthday card: sister sarah arnesen. she wrote a bunch of her favorite memories with me. had me smiling and missing her at the same time!

best birthday treat surprise: a plate of cookies from my home teachers. i was so hungry when i got home from school that i ate 3 in a row!
birthday letters!

soul sisters! erin and jessie
kevin- brother from another mother
i don't remember why i was laughing, but i was

favorite cousin!

all in all, it was a great birthday. i am so thankful for my friends and family who showed an outpouring of love on this special day and made me feel so loved!

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