20 February 2012

birthday week: day 6-7. Family.

on saturday (after doing nothing friday night) i slept in until almost ten! it was so beautiful. you don't even know. mom came out to pick me up for the weekend. funny story: i was wearing my fake glasses (because i'm so hipster) and when i answered the door, mom didn't recognize me! no joke. she comes inside and says, "is rebekah around?" i thought she was joking and when i realized she wasn't i saw like, "hi mom....." awkward. yet hilarious.

on the way home from provo we stopped in AF and got Coldstone ice cream. finally my ice cream craving was fulfilled! i used to go to Coldstone every year for my birthday (in high school) but with no transportation slash no money the last few years i haven't gone. it was delicious. i got cake batter with brownie and sprinkles mixed in. mom got dark chocolate peppermint with snicker's mixed in.
at home mom realized she forgot to start the crock pot dinner, so we decided we would just have a late dinner. i took a car and ran a few errands. another good story. i went to rue 21 to buy my perfume (they have so many stinkin cute clothes in right now!) and this girl (probably like 14 years old) comes up to me and says "i know this is weird but you are the most beautiful person i've ever seen." i was kinda shocked. because i thought my outfit was pretty cute and stuff, but not that cute. and then i smiled and was glad that she say that. compliments always make my day! and i realized that my outfit was completely modest and i like being a role model to girls to show them that you can be cute and modest!
before dinner we watched Newsies. have you seen this flick? it is the best. young Christian Bale is in it and he is very attractive, along with his supporting actor. i was singing along to all the songs- in my mind of course.
we finally ate dinner around 9 pm. it was totally worth the wait. i'm so grateful my mom humored me and made something she had never made before! it was indian food- chicken tikka masala, rice, naan, and grapes. we even ate on the floor and had indian music in the background! i learned to love indian food while i was in africa, which was great because i already had a liking for it. we used this crockpot chicken tikka masala recipe and it turned out great! it does take some prep time though. the naan wasn't as good as what you would get at india palace or something, but it was still great. we had cake and ice cream after dinner- of course i made an epic wish. i hope it comes true! mom made carrot cake which was the best carrot cake in the state. i'm pretty positive about this. i have never had carrot cake which has measured up to it. i got some sweet presents including a book with all my letters from Uganda! i was surprised and happy about it! grandma also gave me two jars of her raspberry jam! i cannot wait to eat it! yum. i also got a groupon to Color Me Mine. it pays for the studio fee so all i have to pay for is the ceramics i buy. i can take up two 4 people. i'm thinking a double date?

later that night my friend spencer came over and had some cake. then we went back to his house and hung out with his family. i like his family a lot! have you had blue bell ice cream? well they just brought it to Utah! since spencer went to texas on his mission and i am a self- proclaimed ice cream connoisseur, we have decided we will go. can't wait!
sunday morning i woke up to snow. lame. i definitely did not pack winter sunday wear! however, i did look super springy and cute! one of my favorite ladies from my home ward said she was shocked i don't have a boyfriend. (that's twice in one week! what does this mean?)  going to my home ward was great! after church i took a nappy nap, ate dinner and then went back to provo.
it was a good weekend. i wish i could just party on forever. but i can't. monday is the last day of birthday week, and i don't have any big plans. work, study physics, blah blah. oh well. we can't party all the time!