07 February 2012

my life in food

if there is something you should know about me, it's that i lurv food. 

example: while in Uganda this summer, i daily ate more than everyone else on the team except for one guy (who happened to be the biggest guy there). i would pretty much gauge how much i could eat (without looking like a total pig) off of how much Devin had eaten. (little wonder i gained weight. . . but that's beside the point.)

i LOVE food. 
and i like to take pictures of what i'm eating. because i'm pretty creative at thinking of things to make/eat. i get bored with the same old same old. and i've been trying out some new recipes. so here's some of what i have digested the past few weeks.

best. breakfast. ever. vanilla yogurt with fresh strawberries. and don't forget oj. i am a sucker for fresh fruit- especially berries. strawberries were on sale at sunflower market and i just had to buy some. i did not regret that decision. 

microwave popcorn. did you know that this snack is actually very low calorie? i was super happy when i found this out. i recently renewed my love for popcorn when i popped this very bag and ate it whilst studying physics. the only problem with eating popcorn and studying is getting butter all over your paper. it's a sacrifice i'm willing to make though. 

homemade trail mix. goldfish crackers (they are $2.99 a pound at the BYU Bookstore- a steal), swedish fish, and chocolate chips. a little sweet and a little salty. i also made a trail mix with craisins, chocolate chips, and almonds. delightful. this is also a good study snack.

oatmeal raisin cookies. oh my yum. most people don't like oatmeal. or raisins. so for most people, oatmeal raisin cookies are the exact opposite of a yummy dessert. but, i love them! they have a yummy spice, are chewier than other cookies, and secretly i feel healthier eating them (because of the fiber and fruit ha). anyways i made oatmeal-raisin-craisin cookies last week and used my new cookie scooper. i love my cookie scooper! i gave some to my roommate and to my old FHE brothers. i hope they all enjoyed them. because i did. (i may have eaten about six in one sitting).

another new recipe i tried out was easy oatmeal bars from Pinterest. these seriously take 3 minutes to make and are quite delicious! next time i make them i think i will add in some seeds, raisins, or something. they are pretty addicting though. i think next time i make them i will wrap and freeze them individually so i don't eat too many at once.

in retrospect, i should probably start eating a little more healthy. that's a good goal! next "my life in food" post will feature much healthier food i promise. 

what are some of your favorite foods? do you eat the same thing every day or do you like to be creative? i love new recipes!

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  1. I love food too. And sometimes I'm creative, but most of the time just boring. Way to go for branching out all the time :) And, just so you know, every time I read your blog I start singing All American Honey and I usually don't even realize it until later. Ok, that's all :)