08 February 2012

these two

today we celebrate the birth of two amazing women. [i feel weird calling them girls because they are both soon to be mothers. cray cray.] both have had a huge impact on my life and i am thankful they were born. i just want to say my 5 favorite things about each of them.

Heather Morgan Stephenson
freshman year. say what?
1. she gives great advice on any subject- but especially life, dating, boys and faith.
2. she stays actively involved in my life (and in the lives of the other 4 girls we lived with). we know she cares.
3. she throws amazing parties for any occasion- baby gender announcement, bridal shower, fiesta, birthday, etc. 
4. she has a deep love for the Gospel. she is an example of faith, patience, and optimism to everyone.
5. she is always up for a good time.

Naomi Olson Burton
at the temple April 2011

1. people used to think we were twins (this is only one of my favorite things because when you are little you always want your BFF to be your twin and i would be honored to be her twin because she is awesome!)
2. she is smart, well read, musical, and artistic- pretty much the opposite of scientific me.
3. she is really good at making up songs on the spot (Cake Song '98)
4. even when we live thousands of miles apart i know she still cares about me.
5. the hundreds of MASCH's we did from the ages of 14-17 

if you want to read last year's birthday shout out to Heather and Naomi, go here.

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  1. You are too sweet, my friend. Thanks for the birthday tribute! And P.S., just about a week until your birthday!!!! I'm sure you're not counting down, so I thought I'd do it for you ;) But thanks again!