21 February 2012

when i'm 22 i will. . .

1. Read Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
2. Read How to Win Friends and Influence People
3. Go to California with Jane
4. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon
5. Make a quilt
6. Learn 2 songs on the guitar (I learned one!)
7. Create something at Color Me Mine
8. Go on a road trip
9. Hike Mt. Timpanogas
10. Run a full marathon! 
11. Learn how to make massaman curry
12. Make homemade ravioli
13. Read Jesus the Christ
14. Go on a brother date with each of my little brothers
15. Wreck my Journal
16. Have 100% visiting teaching every month
17. Go to Ikea
18. Smile more :)
19. Be more sincere
20. Go to the temple more
21. Complete the 21 Day No Junk Food challenge (at least) twice
22. Try new things

i will be a Force for Good!


  1. What is "Wreck my Journal?" Just curious :)

  2. That's my question as well. What do you mean?

  3. Good grief! This is a fantastic idea. You can even borrow my curry paste.

  4. I love this list! Color Me Mine is the most therapeutic place ever and I am in love with my Wreck This Journal.