22 February 2012

wreck this journal

after this post, i had a lot of people asking me what "Wreck This Journal" was. basically it's a creativity journal. each page has something unique and different for you to do. you don't have to go in order. you don't have to have perfect handwriting, or be an amazing artist. (i am not an artist cough cough.) you can also go to their website to learn more about it.
i got my "Wreck this Journal' for my 21st birthday- over a year ago! i got caught up in africa and kind of forgot about it. however, i've been trying to renew my creative side lately, so i decided to make it a goal to "wreck" my journal by the time i'm 23! i'm really excited to do it!

i've considered doing posts about my experience with Wreck This Journal? Who votes yes?

1 comment:

  1. i love my "wreck this journal".
    you should post, that would be awesome!