22 February 2012


i didn't do words of wisdom wednesday last week. forgive me? but i've got a good post today to make up for it!
sometimes, on a bad day, i want to do this:
or squeeze them into my own eyes. that has definitely crossed my mind.
but you can't use your trials or hardships or hurts or mistakes as an opportunity to hurt others. that just makes your life worse. and it doesn't exactly make their life better.
i like this solution better:
who doesn't love free stuff? especially a poor college student.
but then i got to thinking. keeping the lemons isn't enough. you gotta put them to use.
so what good is there in lemons?
- they are delicious to flavor fish
- they can make beautiful center pieces
- they are yellow
- they make yummy candy, like lemon drops and lemon bars
- they add a little zing to any drink
- they smell yummy
- you can make lemon sour cream pie
- they are in lemonade (which if you are drinking, obviously means it's summertime. which is the best.)

so instead of choosing violence, complacency, or "just making lemonade." next time i get a lemon (or two, or three) i'm going to do something more like this:

what are you going to do with your lemons?

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  1. I just thought I'd write you back on your blog and thank you for leaving a comment on mine yesterday! It really meant a lot and I was so grateful for it! You're such a sweet, kind, caring, and loving person! Don't ever change!
    Love ya