02 March 2012

the day i ate enough meat to feed a small african village

this one time i went to Tucano's on Leap Day because it was the only day of the entire month of February when i could go. thank goodness there was an extra day in this year because i needed me some grilled pineapple.
foods i loved:
rolls!- their rolls are freakin' amazing. i'm pretty sure craig ate like 5.
salad bar-  i'm a sucker for any sort of salad bar. this bar got bonus points for having bleu cheese crumbles and bleu cheese dressing.
mango crusted halibut- i love having my birthday in february because tucano's always has their seafood meat buffet during that time. this one is crispy, sweet, and not too fishy tasting.
mozarella balls- i like cheese.
bacon wrapped turkey
GRILLED PINEAPPLE- i could eat a whole pineapple. no joke.
get in my belly

foods i didn't love:
all the red meat- i'm not a huge red meat fan anyway and most of their red meat seemed a little on the dry, flavorless side.
sushi- it's a Brazilian restaurant serving a Japanese food. i should have known better.
chicken hearts- tough and weird tasting.
craig eating a chicken heart

i think i should work at tucanos. free food? count me in. plus, i'm pretty sure all the guys who work there have to pass some sort of an "attractiveness" test because most of the male species whom i saw there were not terribly sore on the eyes. i like working with attractive men.

funniest sayings of the lunch
craig: "you're having a sad stroke." (this was when we were walking in the bitter cold and my left eye started randomly watering.)
our waiter: "oh no, she's got the fire in her eyes. she can go for a while" (in reference to my being able to continue to consume massive amounts of food.)
craig: "i am going to have an acute case of bulimia."
you see why i am glad i chose the funniest guy at the Bean to go to Tucano's with? awesome.


  1. I just have to say, all the red meat was not good???? The garlic sirloin continues to be my favorite thing there. And I agree with you, the grilled pineapple and the rolls are amazing. Do you like the friend bananas? Because I ate four when we went ha ha.

  2. Ok i do like the garlic sirloin! usually it is good but mine was a little dry. the fish takes the cake though. errry time. fried bananas= surprisingly good!