01 March 2012

my main man

guys, i know some of you are offended that i deleted my j biebs tribute post. you see, after i wrote it i realized that i was my main man's fictional character birthday. yes, it is, in fact, Ron Weasley's birthday today.
i have one motto in life

and why not? this kid is amazing. i know that he isn't the best looking. he pretty much looks like an awkward mess 95% of the time. but that other 5% makes up for it all. also, he is hilarious! sure, the kid is kinda dumb, but that's ok. i'll roll with it. because he's got a heart of gold. have you seen the way he looks at Hermione?
OH. MY. GOSH. i die. their love story is real. and yet so romantic. and heart wrenching. the kid snogs with Lavender. i mean, Lavender???? and yet, he always comes back to Hermione.
the thing i just love about Ron is that he doesn't assume to be better than he is. he is the best friend of the most famous person in all of the wizarding world, yet he is content with being just Ron. most of the time. sometime's he gets jealous, but he is unfailingly loyal. often he comes out of Harry's battles just as battered and bruised as Harry. He is ready to put his life on the line to save his family, the girl he loves, and the truth.
sure, he started off a little quirky and dorky.
but he grows up. and i love every sarcastic, awkward, rebellious word he says.
Happy Birthday Ron. No offense justin, but this man is a little lot more important than you. i mean, we grew up together.

not the best picture but i love the words

p.s. did i mention i'm a sucker for gingers?

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