29 February 2012

leap day

i have nothing to write about.
my goals for this week (that i wrote about in this post) are going well.
- i have yet to start the challenge (tomorrow!) but i'm getting all the junk food i can before. i went to Sammy's with erin last night for 2 for 1 tuesdays. i forgot how much i lurv Sammy's pie shakes. seriously. the best. and because that wasn't enough (and there was no where to sit in Sammy's) we went to the Malt Shoppe for fries. i felt like i got my junk food intake for the month! on a healthy note, i'm finding yummy, healthy meal (thanks pinterest) that i want to make during the challenge. i also am looking for healthy snack ideas. any favorites you have?
- no television has been watched. i did watch some Mormon Messages last night while eating dinner, but i don't really think that counts. i am a lot more productive and i hope i am understanding my schoolwork better because i'm not distracted by tv.
- i have successfully gone to bed by 11 every night. i feel so much more rested in the morning and getting up at 7 is not a chore.
- i have worked out every day this week. i only got in 20 minutes this morning and i know i won't have time the rest of the day, but a little is better than nothing right?

i love food. i love free stuff. i love today. because i get free lunch and free dinner. free lunch via the tucano's birthday club. free dinner via a blind date (which i am quite excited for).  i hope the free treat at institute tomorrow is something healthy that i can eat. if not, i might die. i hope my mom buys me a block on monterey jack cheese because i need some cheese in my life.

i painted my nails last night. not too springy, but not too wintery. i know if i paint my nails too springy i will expect the weather to be warm and then i will be disappointed. as you can see, it is far from warm here in provo. anywhooo, i love the color! erin, my nail polish supplier, i owe you my gratitude.

i'm starting to stress a teensy bit about getting a job/internship for summer. i really need to make bank this summer and i would love to do something i enjoy. the Bean is closing beginning in june-ish (for a big remodel) so i will be officially out of a job. any ideas?

i am out of sandwich bags. this is going to present a problem when i need to pack a lunch tomorrow. kind souls willing to take me to smiths???

wow i feel like i asked a lot of ya'll in this post. so help a sister out will ya?

ps. it's leap day. i'm leaping with joy that february is over. it wasn't my most exciting month...

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  1. I am so impressed with how much you exercise. If I could be that dedicated I would be sooo happy! But I'm not. Lame. I'm working on it though :) And if I had a car I would def offer to take you to smiths. Sorry. But good luck! :)