28 February 2012

cloudy with a chance



i hope winter knows that March is in 2 days which obviously means green grass, blue skies, shining sun, cropped pants, skirts, cadbury egg weather.
on a positive note: this snow is making spring fever hit full throttle. i have definitely been spoiled this whole "winter." i rarely had to walk to school in the snow and it wasn't nearly as bitter cold as it normally is. however, this is no excuse for winter to come now! i want me some warm weather lovin! (a boyfriend would be nice too.)

but what if? it was snowing ice cream?

i would be singing a different tune. maybe. because i love ice cream but hate the cold. still i could eat it and that would be yummy.
what else would i love the snow to be?
sweet potato french fries
dollar bills (heck, 100 dollar bills)
tucanos grilled pineapple
fancy cheeses and crackers
tickets to everywhere/anywhere in the world

but really, the thing i want the most is for it to stop snowing.
k please? thanks. bye.

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