27 February 2012

passion and piano keys

recently i've been thinking about passion. what am i passionate about? what makes me really excited? what do i love doing? i am sure there are multiple answers to these questions. but this weekend i was reminded of one of my greatest passions- helping other's dreams come true.
my little brother Hyrum is awesome. seriously. on my birthday we found out that he had been accepted to Brigham Young University's Piano Performance Program! i literally screamed. it is so difficult to get into the School of Music here and i am so proud that out of 80 who auditioned, hyrum was one of 12 to be accepted.
when hyrum was about 8 or 9, we sat together in Abravanel Hall watching a young man play Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2-- an extremely difficult piece of music. that day hyrum said to us, "someday i'm going to play that concerto with an orchestra." this weekend, i am proud to say, he fulfilled that dream.
as i sat and watched him play, although i had heard the piece many times, it was new and exciting to me. he played with passion and fire. he loved every second of it. before i knew it, the concerto was over and we were on our feet, ecstatic with applause. it was the best performance i had ever heard him make. i impatiently waited through two more pieces until the concert was over. i couldn't wait to hug my brother. as we hugged i felt his emotions. they were flowing over. i don't cry easy, but seeing my brother close to tears, from happiness, was overwhelming and i had to check myself to hold back the tears that threatened to push their way out.
people, do what you love! i was judged and despised last week because my goals did not include an MD or a six figure salary. but really, that is not what matters. be practical (we can't all run away to the beach and have all the money in the world), but don't limit yourself. if you have a dream then go out and get it. there are great places you can go. you can do anything! don't forget to allow yourself to dream, to do the things you love, and always live with passion.
in other news: it was the weekend of insanity.
friday evening after the concert.
- stake activity at seven peaks. soup and bread sticks. dancing. ice skating.
- baby mama with erin, jessie, john and matt. "i want to reward you with five minutes of uninterrupted eye contact."
- hot chocolate from 7-11 at 1:30 am.

-sleeping in until 10. woops.
- getting africa pictures from sarah.
- unwanted batch of brownies.
- michelle's senior recital.
- get rejected #1.
- failed attempt at Tucanos. going to Beto's (aka Rancherito's) instead. i want to have a heart attack.
- filling out the fafsa threatens to ruin my mood.
- retail therapy with Shaunzi. 2 for 1 boots at forever 21. score. God loves me.
- grocery shopping without your list= jell-O and skittles.
- physics 108 paper
- visiting heather. girl talk. Connie and Carla. popcorn. old Christmas candy.
- hyrum goes to the ER. sprained ankle. at least it's not his hand.
- laundry at 11:30 pm.

- Mark's farewell. cold chapel= freezing me. luncheon after. best. salad. ever. (lettuce, bleu cheese, candied walnuts, yellow peppers, and craisins.)
- get rejected #2
- watch 17 Miracles on youtube. roommate's boyfriend laughs at me.
- make homemade oreos.
- letter writing.
- get asked on a date. dance for joy.
- brownie delivery.
- oreo birthday party. cute boy is there. i'm trying to play it cool. what does that even mean?
- finish filling out scholarship application. please give me money so i can graduate!
- finally finish Harry Potter 4 with jake. it's about freakin' time.

phew it was a cray cray weekend! i didn't take as many pictures as i wanted to but that's because i was spending time making memories :) i like having busy weekends, except when i wake up on monday and realize how much studying i have to do. hooray.

what was your favorite part of the weekend?

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  1. My favorite part of the weekend was when you got asked out and I was in the room and it made me really nervous. haha