27 February 2012

spring fever

winter has got me down in the dumps. february, a month which should have been filled with celebrations and accomplishment, instead became the slacking off month. i let winter get the best of me. i let all my good habits fall by the wayside and i became lazy, a procrastinator, unhealthy, and a little bitter. sometimes it just seemed like i was staying in the same place and i wondered why i wasn't progressing and why i didn't feel better about my life. i think that melissa and i have kind of been on the same brain waves or something because we have been thinking the exact same things! i need to get back into my usually sunshiney attitude and do some spring cleaning in my life. then i can get on to the real spring fever :)
1) starting March 1st I am again doing the 21 Day No Junk Food Challenge. i just have not been eating healthy since Christmas. i eat pretty healthy meals, but i snack almost constantly in between and they are not healthy snacks. i was doing the challenge in January (if you remember) but i stopped because i realized i was not doing it for me and that i ended up just comparing myself to others and feeling bad about myself. i am excited to do the challenge this time! the only exception to my following the challenge 100% will be if i am on a date (i don't want to make any guy feel bad).
2) starting tomorrow, until next Sunday (March 4th) i will not be watching at TV shows. i usually start one while i'm eating and then end up watching more and more. it's bad and it is causing my studying to be much less effective. it's going to be hard this week not to watch any of my shows! but i know if i can go cold turkey for a week then i can find a way to still watch the shows i like and still get studying done. this week, if my studying is done, i will work on projects around my apartment, or read Harry Potter!
3) this week i am going to get to bed by 11 pm every night. while studying for midterms i got in the habit of going to bed late (because i needed to stay up and study). however since midterms are over i just stay up late, wasting my time, and then i wake up late and my whole day is off to a horrible start. so i promise to get more sleep (hopefully it will also prevent me from getting sick.
4) remember Fab Ab February? well i haven't been doing so great. it's not horrible but i usually only get in 3-4 days out of the week. needless to say, my abs are not fab. so i am going to do better at working out. i decided to do my first marathon this fall so i am going to start training for that ASAP and i am going to start weight training again. this week my goal is to run 1x, spin 2x, and do the 1000 rep workout 1x. can i do it? i hope so! i gotta get back in to shape!

are you ready for this? i sure am. i've been sitting around on my butt for long enough. it's time i took control and made 2012 the best year yet.


  1. We are WAY on the same brain wave. I wish we lived closer so that we could hang out and be healthy/productive together; but I'm sure you will be all kinds of successful all on your own!

  2. I love plans! I hope it goes well. I wish I could have an exercise plan like you do!