17 March 2012


brittany tagged me in this little game. i am excited! k seriously when i saw my name at the bottom of her post as being "tagged" i got butterflies! it doesn't take much to get this girl excited. so here it goes.

11 Facts:
1. i really like atlas's. i like geography. i like traveling. i like learning about other countries. and on roadtrips i like being the one with the map [because we all know no one is as competent at map reading as i am].
2. i am a planning freak. but lately i've been trying to be a little more "fly by the seat of my pants." i'll let you know how that works out.
3. i don't like american bananas. africa bananas taste like candy and i ate gobs of them. here they just taste like glue, and even tons of peanut butter can't make them taste as good as they did in africa.
4. even though i live 30 minutes away from my hometown, i get homesick for my family. this leads to facebook stalking, pointless e-mails, and feeling abandoned when i don't get to spend valentine's and easter with them.
5. i have my wedding completely planned out. its like juice concentrate- just add a husband, mix thoroughly and chill (aka live happily ever after).
6. i can eat as much food as most boys. granted, i choose to not eat so much food because (a) obesity is not on my bucket list, (b) my budget won't allow huge consumption of food, and (c) i don't want people to think i'm a freak for eating so much.
7. i have the biggest crush on ron weasley/rupert grint. for proof read here.
8. i'm probably a hypochondriac, for myself and others. if someone is sick or something is wrong, i listen to their symptoms, combine it to my vast limited knowledge of disease, and conclude that they have swine flu, a brain tumor, or celiac's disease.
9. if i could live in any part of disneyland i would live on Main Street, U.S.A. or New Orleans Square.
10. i really like checking the mail. even though the days of weekly missionary letters are long gone, checking the mail is an adventure because you never know what you will find.
11. i have a very complex opinion of the KONY 2012 campaign, Invisible Children, and foreign aid in general. [this is a preview of the big post with a promise on the life of my first born child will be written this weekend.]

Questions from Brittany:
1. If you could have a cat or a dog (but not both) which would it be? well, seeing as how i hate cats and love my dog, i would definitely say dog.
2. What is one personality trait of yours that you are glad you possess? i like that i am empathetic. i am sympathetic and feel other's pain as if it is my own pain. it has helped me be more charitable and understanding.
3. What is one physical trait of yours that you are glad you posses? i really like my eyes! i like their color (green) and how they look with make up (now that i am finally getting a hold of makeup. it's only been 8 years).
4. Would you rather sleep in or wake up early? that depends. i love sleeping in because i rarely get to bed before midnight and i rarely get to sleep in. but i do like getting an early start to the day and sleeping past 9 feels like a waste of a morning to me.
5. Do you have any weird quirks? i like cleaning, in fact i'm a little OCD about being clean. geez i know i have more quirks but i can't think of them right now!
6. If time and money were not an object, what job would you like to have? I would like to travel the world just trying out everything. is that even a "job"? I could be like Bear Grylls but without eating bugs and stuff.
7. What do you find yourself doing in your free time? i don't have free time. usually though, when i take time to relax (it usually is scheduled in because i'm just that busy) i am on hulu or pinterest, or cleaning my apartment, or reading a book.
8. Would you like to live in a big city or a small town? as a single person- in the big city. as a married person- in a smallish town, close enough to a big city that i have access to things like costco, the mall, and real hospitals.
9. If you were famous, what would you want to be famous for? Athleticism. no question. how sweet would it be to have people pay you to work out and do something amazing? plus, breaking world records/winning a gold medal/winning the super bowl/etc. would be so sweet.
10. What is one habit you would like to break? eating late at night. midnight snacks are becoming the bane of my existence.
11. What is one habit you would like to form? working out/running for more than an hour every day [this once was a habit but this semester has made it very difficult. i usually work out 40 minutes a day max.]

Questions for you:
1. If you could live in any part of Disneyland (Disney World) where would it be?
2. What do you think is the one thing that, if changed, would change the whole world (i.e. what is the biggest problem in the world today)?
3. What is your favorite flavor of frozen yogurt?
4. What is your typical Friday (weekend) night?
5. Who was your first celebrity crush?
6. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you "grew up"?
7. What is your "secret" to success in life?
8. What do you want to name your first-born child?
9. What is the most spontaneous thing you have ever done?
10. When was your "awkward" stage? (provide a picture too if you have one! here is one of me below.)

11. What is the one household chore that you absolutely hate doing?

in NYC 2002 - please note that this is a good picture of my awkward phase.
 before the braces

I'm tagging:

Write 11 random things
Answer my 11 questions
Write 11 new questions
Tag some friends

let me know if you do it so i can read your responses! happy st. patrick's day!

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  1. Haha, I loved reading Brittany's 11 Q&As and I loved reading yours as well! As a matter of fact, Facts 2 and 5 are kinda cracking me up :) P.S. Every time I read your blog I'm reminded of how much I like you and that we should get together, so let's plan a girl's night and hang out with some of the old chicas from P.G. !