14 March 2012

dear life {wednesday edition}

dear swedish fish, you saved my life today. it's true. candy saves lives. [and i don't even care about the non-existent 21 day no junk food challenge.]

dear elementary school children, i don't really dislike your invasion of the Bean. it just makes me stressed because you are so full of life. it makes it all worth it, though, when you are cute and say nice things like "excuse me" or "thank you."

dear spring, welcome back. i missed you [even though there wasn't even an official "winter" this year]. i hope you stay for a while.

dear christopher daniel stephenson, welcome to the world! i cannot wait to meet you. seriously. i want to see you right now. i am making your mom a chocolate cake in celebration of your birth. i hope you like chocolate. just so you know, your parents are the best. you are so lucky to have a mom who loves you, will nurture you and teach you everything you need to know. she is a great listener too. you are also lucky to have a dad who loves you, is a worthy priesthood holder, and who will help you become a righteous man. happy day of birthday (yesterday) christopher!

dear readers, i promise with all my heart that the big post is coming. pray that it comes tonight.

dear byu men's basketball team, i feel the need to publicly apologize that i did not watch the game last night. you see i don't have a tv and i knew no studying would occur if i watched it at the elms.i will be paying avid attention to all your games from here on out. let's take it to the top baby!

dear craig, i like how you introduce all the reptiles saying "this is my friend __________." we all know you hate the reptiles here at the Bean.

dear music 202, i never want to go sit in the jfsb for 2 hours. it kinda stinks. i mean i would rather study physics. and that's saying a lot.

dear weekend, please come faster.

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