14 March 2012

march nutrition update

remember how it's National Nutrition Month? here is a little update on what i'm doing to celebrate and become healthier!

i'm still doing the 21 day no junk food challenge- but only loosely. every time i start one of these "all or nothing" diets i think it's going to be great. but it's not. i have been eating a lot healthier and eating way less sweets than normal. i don't think i will be doing an all or nothing diet for a while here. maybe i will cut out one thing at a time (i.e. chocolate, ice cream, etc.) for a week or a month. but all those things at once is just totally unrealistic for me. besides what's life without a little celebration? [i ate a piece of delicious chocolate cake last night because it was the day of birth of Heather's baby!]

i decided one way i needed to get my plate in shape was to drink more milk. i usually drink almond milk but that's getting expensive. plus it doesn't have the same minerals as real milk. so i bought a gallon of milk last night and my goal is to drink it all before it goes bad. at least one glass a day (besides what i put on cereal or in smoothies).

i have also been trying to snack healthier. i know pretzels and chips and salsa aren't the best snack foods, but they are better than sweets.

ultimate win: i have yet to touch my Girl Scout cookies. those will wait until the 22nd. go me!

what are you doing for Nutrition Month?

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