20 March 2012

{happy} tuesday thoughts

since i'm working on being happier this week, all my thoughts are focusing on good happy things.

knowledge of the plan of salvation. and that families can be together forever. it makes life so much happier and more peaceful! i am grateful my friends, who are going through a really tough time right now, also know it.

BABIES. i got to see and hold this little cherub yesterday and i am completely smitten. i've never really been that girl- the one who hogs the babies. but i'm turning in to her. these tiny people come straight from heaven and i smile just thinking about little Chris!

it's getting warmer! the snowstorm this weekend was just a fluke! it's supposed to be 70 by friday! this weekend is going to be gorgeous!

no cavities. yes folks, after 22 years i am still cavity free. plus, getting your teeth cleaned is like a supersonic car wash for your mouth.

forgiveness. i'm working on not being bitter, holding grudges, or with holding forgiveness. sometimes even when i think i have forgiven or "gotten over" something someone did, i find out that i'm really not. so i'm working on mending friendships and my own frail heart.
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the theory of relativity isn't quite as mind boggling when you have a good friend like Erin to help you with the homework.

miss hilary norton leaves on her mission in a short time. this is not the happy part (i will miss her and her cheery presence). but, since i am borrowing Gilmore Girls from her, a deadline has appeared by which i need to have finished all 7 seasons. i'm on season 5. this makes a wonderful excuse to inundate myself in Gilmore Girls before she leaves so i can get all of it finished! i'm thinking 2 episodes a day.

dyeing Easter eggs. yes, Easter is 3 weeks away. yes, it snowed yesterday. but did that stop our indubitable FHE group from dyeing some spectacular eggs last night? no way. it was a blast!

it's the first day of spring! i'm celebrating so hard that i decided to be excited about having class until 7:30!  it will still be light out when i walk home.

i'm realizing that happiness isn't something that just comes. you have to work to be happy. already this week has thrown trials at me and i have had to choose to see the good in them. you can't ignore the bad, but you can't dwell on it either.

make time to laugh. in fact, don't "make time." laugh all the time! there is always something to smile about. this kid has the right attitude (or he really has to use the toilet...)

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