21 March 2012

you know it's spring when...

- the line at Sammy's goes outside. but waiting outside (and then eating outside) is pleasant. and you don't feel the need to crawl into a furry spacesuit in order to stay warm whilst eating a delicious pie shake.

- bright pops of pastels are filling campus. coral pants. mint green blouses. khaki capris. floral skirts. pink nail polish.  it's intoxicating.

- you can run outside without wearing layers. shorts and a tshirt. splendid.

- you have the insane desire to run around campus hugging people and giving them flowers or candy or something. simply because the sun in shining and it's warm.

- i'm feeling slightly lost because last year at this time i was busily getting ready for my trip to Africa. i miss uganda.

- the need for a road trip has worked it's way to the surface of my being and it's all i can think about (when i'm not thinking about physics, anatomy, biomechanics, family, running, etc.)

- the mailboxes start filling up with wedding invitations. this girl is getting married today!

- you can wear a skirt with no tights and you don't freeze your buns off. (shaving your legs is back in demand.)

- cadbury eggs. jelly beans. and all other delightful Easter candies call temptingly at the grocery store.

- i realize i desperately need a new swimsuit. ideas???

what's your favorite part of spring?


  1. I love the flowers blooming and the warm breeze. I also enjoy the rain storms that pop up in the spring as well. They're so delightful. I do happen to enjoy running outside as well. Hmm. I'm really liking spring this year!:)

  2. Obviously I'm just now getting caught up on my blogs...but woohoo for the picture of us! That was almost exactly 4 years ago, CRAZY!! And hooray for spring, I'm so glad it's finally here.