23 March 2012

THE hunger games post

just some of my thoughts about the movie.
- it's really good! definitely better than Twilight (i guess i've heard people comparing it to Twilight so i just have to point out that it is way better)! i personally didn't think that it was too violent or anything. there is the debate about certain "dark themes" and the affect they will have on children. but honestly, the book had the exact same themes so if you read the books you aren't going to be surprised. these are classified as "young adult fiction" (i think) and are not children's books. so if you want themes appropriate for children, go watch... Happy Feet. or something. there are troubling themes, but they make you think. and that is the point of a good book- thought and action.
- the casting was excellent. Effie was exactly how i pictured her. Haymitch was just as unruly and sarcastic as i thought (although maybe a little younger than i imagined). of course i loved Katniss and Gale. i wish we could have seen more of their friendship.
- i didn't particularly like Prim.
- The Reaping was so emotional! i was worried they would make is cheesy and dumb. but no. they did not disappoint.  goose bumps.
- Peeta. i have had my internal battle between Peeta and Gale ever since i read the books. i am all about the girl marrying the best friend (Gale), but Peeta is really too perfect. and honestly, he is better for Katniss than Gale is. and, he has loved her forever! i love his adorable smile and how everything he does, he does for Katniss. although Ron/Rupert will always be my #1 home boy, Peeta is definitely on the "fake boyfriend" list.
[commence massive amount of fangirl pictures of Peeta.]
right before the most adorable smile
how debonair!
- oh, and i want Katniss's hair.

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  1. Movie was awesome. My favorite was definitely haymitch I thought they cast him so well. I'm always team Peeta. Sure Gale is better looking in the movie but really... Peeta is just adorable. I thought he was adorable in the movie too. His smile is just so lovely.