24 March 2012

commence true fan girl screaming

i know i just barely posted about the awesomeness that was Hunger Games. but then i was looking at Harry Potter and just reminded about how much i truly love Harry Potter!  first two items of business. did you know that the Harry Potter Wizard's Collection will be released on September 7,  2012. it's $350 on Amazon. whew! but i want it SO badly! especially since it contains gems like this.

isn't he adorable? oh my. secondly, did you hear that JK Rowling lost her billionaire status? i dare say she won't be homeless or anything so don't worry. (she lost the status because she had donated so much money to charity. you go girl!) more excitingly, it was just announced (officially) that Universal Studios Hollywood will be creating a Harry Potter land similar to that in Orlando. It is scheduled to open in 2015. i will be there! BONUS: Pottermore (a Harry Potter companion website) will open to the public in April!
now please excuse me as i post massive amount of fan girl photos.

k thanks for humoring me. happy saturday night!

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  1. I laughed out loud a few times. "Pleasure." Oh the memories. And I was astonished to see Snape (Rickman) SMILE?!?!?!