27 March 2012

i'm popular in the blogosphere

k really. i totally am. i feel super honored to have been tagged, again, for the 11 facts thing (this time by Cami). [Cami, i assume i'm the only Beka who follows your blog, but if not and you didn't mean to tag me then well, that's ok. i think you are cool and i'm sure i will have fun answering your questions!]
since i already told you 11 random facts and asked questions, i'm going to skip those two parts and just answer Cami's questions.

1. If you could have one signature dance move what would it be? I really wish I could do a really graceful leap- like in ballet. Or I would love to be able to hip hop dance for real. Signature move- crumping (obviously).
2. If you could eat one thing without getting fat or ugly what would it be? Costa Vida sweet pork burrito, smothered. I would eat this for every meal if it wouldn’t break the bank or make me weigh a bajillion pounds.
3. What would you tell yourself 5 years ago? Don’t count on things always working out. Take fewer credits. Get a job as a freshman in college. Be selective about who you date. Save more money. Take more trips. Make friends. Start running sooner. Don’t let drama divide a friendship. Learn how to communicate with others. Don’t get offended. Be happy no matter what!
4. What makes you cry? [As you may know I’ve been an emotional crazy for the past few weeks. . .] newborn babies (especially this one), harry potter, good music, hymns, weddings. I think that’s it.
5. Celebrity crush? Rupert Grint
6. If you had anyone's hair who would it be and why? Lately I have been wanting Katniss Everdeen’s hair, but I also love love love Gwenyth Paltrow’s hair.
7. Dream concert? Rascal Flatts and/or Lady Antebellum
8. Favorite childhood tv show? Arthur (duh, who didn't love that?)
9. How do you want other people to view you? As a loving caring person who is devoted to her beliefs, family and friendships. Someone who is passionate about life and does what she loves. Someone who takes risks and learns lessons from the bad and the good. A girl who is happy no matter what her situation in life.
10. What do you do when you are having a bad day to feel better? Go running/make and eat a sweet treat/talk to good friends or family/sleep/read scriptures/listen to David Archuleta or Disney music/ watch the “Keep Your Head Up” by Andy Grammer music video.
11. What was your childhood dream? I really wanted to be an oceanographer and work at SeaWorld. I also wanted to move to Germany and have 29 children. . . there is no freaking way I am having 29 children.

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  1. Haha, that's funny that you want to crump. Not because I don't think that you could do it (you totally could), just I never expected that.