27 March 2012


i've been thinking a lot this month about music and the affect it has on my life. i got to go to two wonderful musical firesides this month. the first was with Janice Kapp Perry, who wrote some of my favorite Primary songs like "A Child's Prayer" and "I See My Mother Kneeling". the second was with Vocal Point, a BYU a capella group who recently was in the TV show, The Sing- Off.
i've been thinking about the power of good music. there is so much of the less that good music out there. i'm guilty of listening to it. we all are. sometimes i listen to the popular songs and i'm like "wow these lyrics are not original at all." (example: it's friday, friday. better get down on friday.) you get my point. i'm not bashing on popular music (or Rebecca Black) but it's never good to let that music completely take over your life. there is just so much better music to be listening to and you should make sure that that music is listened to regularly.
good music is music that uplifts you. it brings the Spirit. it leads you to truth. good music is found all around us. there is classical music, the hymns of the church, songs that teach about service and kindness towards all people. this is the music that lasts- the music that will be around forever. it is music that stands the test of time because it is good!

i am grateful for parents who encouraged listening to good music. i grew up listening to Mozart, Smetana, Pavoratti, and The Sound of Music. i am grateful i took music lessons for so many years so that i could play this wonderful music! even better than listening to uplifting music is performing it. i am grateful my mom had us memorize the words to hymns. it's not only nice when i don't have a hymnbook handy. the words are always there whenever i need guidance, comfort, or just need to get bad thoughts out of my head (hum your favorite hymn). i believe that good music is one of the strongest powers in the world!

how has good music affected your life?

and speaking of uplifting music... who is excited for General Conference this weekend??? I sure am!

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