26 March 2012


last week was the happiness experiment and it went so well that i have to tell ya'll about it. i learned so much! there were some terribly sad things that happened last week which affected me and my family. there were also good moments. mostly moments of small triumph. moments that, as small as they may seem, brought a smile to the face and light to the heart.
i think i redefined happiness. not just in my mind- because in my mind i knew what happiness was- but in my heart. happiness was in my heart and therefore in my soul. and so i [hope] happiness exuded from me. i'm not perfect. but i'm on my way. i will keep working towards "happy." it is my daily goal from here to eternity.

happiness. . .

is a CHOICE. it's something we actively choose to be. there are many things that we can be sad or angry about. but there are so many more things which we can be happy about.

is not fleeting or in the moment. it is not always loud or boisterous. sometimes it is the quiet peace that comes from God. but real happiness- it lasts.

is expressed in many different ways. a smile. a happy tune on my ipod. spending time with a friend. a jaunty walk. colorful outfits. eating dessert for dinner [and not worrying about the calories.]  giggles and laughter. service.

is not an absence of worry, but rather it is the life filled with faith. and that faith allows us to nourish hope and trust in God. this brings happiness.

does not worry about the future. happiness allows us to wonder about the future, but does not rely on "good things" to make the future happy.

allows us to continue on when things seem hard. because we know better days are ahead. it is hope.

comes through obedience, prayer, scripture study, attention to the promptings of the spirit, service, and following everything that God would have us do to return to His presence.

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