31 March 2012

general conference blues

pretty much everyone i know (yes, even my friends in Uganda) are watching General Conference right now. and what am i doing? i'm at work. i have the live stream going, but without speakers on my computer all i can do is watch and try to read lips. i am really so sad that i am missing the first session of Conference! I have never missed a session and all i want to be doing right now is listening to the Prophet's voice! Gah! watching it without the sound is making it worse because dear Elder Packer is speaking and I have no idea what he is saying! torture i tell you, pure torture. if you are not watching conference today, then do it! it is the best way you could spend your Saturday!

to keep myself a little updated on what's being said i'm following #ldsconf on twitter. i like modern technology and i love Conference!

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