31 March 2012

the best older brother

today is my older brother's birthday. i usually don't have much time to write a really awesome birthday post for this awesome brother. and i feel bad about that because he is awesome! so i am going to try to do him justice today.

my entire life i have been trying to be more like Adam. i wanted to play the violin because he played the violin. i became interested in (reading Popular Science and science fiction books) because Adam loved science. i would do everything he did. he was the ring leader. the hero. i like hiking because Adam forced our family into the first overnight hike up our mountain. when i was being teased by my siblings, he let me come in his room and do my homework. and when he felt like it, he would also tease me. i wanted to go to BYU because Adam went here. i wanted to be smart and do well in school because Adam is brilliant.

i'm older now. i realize i am my own person. but i still look up to Adam. he is still one of my heroes. i was so lucky to be at BYU with him for 3 years. as a freshman i looked up to him and saw him grow through very difficult trial. as a sophomore we became closer. he brought me ice cream one time when i was having a bad day. he talked to me about dating, and i learned what a spiritual decision marriage is. junior year he had the best wife in the world. they helped nurse me through a tough break-up and bring me back into the dating world. he let me come watch the Jimmermania with him. he let me eat dinner with them. he drove me to the store. he would come give me blessings and listen to my worries about life. he even called me while i was in Africa!

Adam is amazing! i wish he still lived in Provo but i am grateful for Skype so that i can still talk to him. i hope that he knows how amazing he is and that he has such a fun filled birthday!
thanks for letting me steal this from facebook

love you Adam!

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  1. Thanks Rebekah! You're an awesome sister too. This was a very touching post. I hope that I can live up to what you think of me. Love ya!