02 April 2012

GC weekend rewind

what a blessed weekend! i love general conference! i feel so freaking blessed after the wonderful weekend i had. the past for GC's i've had very specific questions that needed to be answered. this conference i didn't have any huge questions. but i did come with an open heart to hear whatever i needed to hear to make me a better disciple of Christ. here's a few things i learned.

-intently prepare to receive temple ordinances
- pray to know what sacrifices i need to make to reach my destiny
- make specific personal commitments each week
- stop holding grudges, being envious and gossiping
- let go of grievances. don't let grudges or unforgiveness hold me down
- be more grateful
- take time to meditate daily on eternal truths and what really matters
- share my love and testimony of The Book of Mormon
- live my life so that it reflects my love and devotion to the Savior

what did you learn from General Conference?

other highlights of the busy weekend:
- spending time with special people
- beautiful spring weather (minus sunday)
- blossoms!
- diy frisbee golf on campus
- making a wish in the pool in the JFSB
- swedish twister
- kneaders for breakfast
- my first el salvadorian food: puposa
- Passover celebration with my family
- staying up insanely late because sometimes it's better than going to sleep
- getting an 89% on my Functional anatomy test
- best. letter. ever. in the mail

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