03 April 2012

miss cranky pants

i'm kind of being Cranky McCrankster today. don't ask me why. . .

maybe its that i haven't had a full good night's sleep since last wednesday.

or maybe its the anxiety that i can't seem to conquer 100%

or maybe my shoes are two sizes to small.

or maybe i'm letting fear take the place of faith

or maybe the stress of projects and tests and impending finals is looming over me

or maybe i just want to get out of utah valley

or maybe it's because i'm getting sick.

but tonight, after school, i'm going to eat a delicious dinner, go to Sammy's/eat girl scout cookies, and do yoga. a little me-time is needed.
this is how i felt yesterday


  1. I hope your day brightens a little! I don't like days when I feel cranky. And I totally feel ya on the wind-in-my-face picture. Yep, that's what I look like ;)

  2. Everybody has those cranky pants days! I hope your girl scout cookies were delicious and your yoga was super relaxing :)

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.