13 April 2012

awe hail

i thought of the title to this post around 1 pm today when a museum patron informed me it was hailing. it was then that i also decided that today was going to be a loooong day. and i would probably eat cookies for dinner- providing i have the energy to make them once i get home. unlikely.
it's day two of reading days and guys, i'm freaking exhausted. i know there are people out there who think "reading days"= "vacation/sleep-in/party-all-night days." i actually study. weird. i know.
i am in the middle (nearing the end) of a 6 hour shift. normally this wouldn't be so bad. but when you take spring break and add the thousands of Happy Valley families who didn't go to Disneyland with the rest of UV's inhabitants, you get complete insanity at the Bean Museum. i am extremely jealous of the educators and secretaries who can hide in their offices away from the utter madness. chances of me being admitted to an insane asylum are at about 78.3%
and-- i have a migraine.
the thought of going home to even more studying makes me want to crawl under this desk and die. i just keep telling myself: one more week and you will be free. and then one more semester and you are done-skee! . . . until nursing school. . . and then 2 years of MPA program. if you get in. and thus ends the pep talk.
i'm scheduled to work 23 hours a week at the museum during spring semester. happy and sad about that. happy that i have a job already. sad that i would like to be working more like 50 hours a week. happy that the museum is a pretty chill job. sad that i might go crazy because i have to stay in the gift shop pretty much at all times. happy because job=money. sad because i don't want to be in utah. yeah that's pretty much it.

i want:
- a plane ticket to oregon/disneyland (yes, i know there is no airport at Disneyland, so obviously i would hire out a helicoptor)/london/uganda
- dark chocolate
- a quart of BYU Creamery Cookies n Cream ice cream
- all A's on my finals
- a chef to make me a delicious meal when i get home from school/work
- sleep!
- harry potter marathon
- the beach
- the perfect summer wardrobe
- food in any form, but preferably something unhealthy (ie. JCW's, Panda Express, or Cafe Rio)
- or a BIG bowl of Lucky Charms (i'm talking about a giant sized bowl)
- the ability to apparate (walking home looks too daunting)
- mint chocolate chip ice cream with goldfish crackers
- sleep next to a lake
- a shot of dr. pepper

yeah.... that's kind of it. ps people i like what you think (unless it's mean in which case if you comment and i hate it then i will release the troll that i've been hiding in the dungeon). also, if i got paid on commission at the Bean, i would be making bank today.

ps. i used to be the girl who hung out with tons of guys and they would come over and bring me ice cream and we would just chill. but since i decided that i'm worth more than "hanging out" (ie. when i realized i graduate in 8 months and am not even close to putting a ring on it) i seem to have lost my guy friends. this is bad mostly when i just need ice cream/chocolate/costa vida and don't want to spend money on it. i expect daniel to pay me back for this slacking when he gets back from russia next week.

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  1. i've been reading all your tweets, i hope you are ok! sending love!