16 April 2012

not the post you thought it would be

i feel like i'm pretty much a professional the "pity-me" posts. i mean, i could earn money writing those things. so you probably thought this post was going to be about how much i hate dating and how much i'm hurt and how i never want to love again. it's not. this is over. but i can't and won't dwell on it. maybe things will work out in the fall. but the timing was not right for now. yesterday was the day to feel sad. today is the day to move on. and so i am being thankful. for the people who care enough to ask, hug, and send love.

to parentals. mom for letting my cry on the phone for an hour. dad for getting pissed and wanting to beat people up. [dad, at your age i don't think that is wise heh heh.]

to jake. the first person i talked to and the best comfort. for letting me study with you in the secret french rooms in the jkb. for not caring that i wore a hat and looked like trash. for the previous freak out sessions. for not judging me because you saw me cry twice in one week.

to adam. for calling me back.  for talking to me. hugging me. letting me cry. again. for helping me put things into perspective and see things from the other point of view. for reminding me to be patient. for telling me my hat was ugly [actually i don't think it's ugly but whatever.]

to shealyn. you are the best cousin! for calling me when my text was less than enthusiastic. for talking to me. for making me laugh and smile all the time, even when i don't want to. for building me up and making me feel good about myself. for understanding.

to extended family. just for being you. uncle ron, you better take me shooting- your 9 mm is legit. g&g thomas- you are the best- thanks for being my heroes. ronald, hyrum, james- you make me laugh and i am proud to have such great worthy priesthood holders as cousins. shalisa- thanks for calling me pretty girl- you are the pretty one.

to adam and sarah. for the kind FB messages. for the offer to skype. for wanting to kill the boys who break my heart.

to craig and sammy. for reminding me to keep moving, be patient, and not be bitter.

to ashley, for sending love my way and letting my know my pathetic amount of tweets did not go unnoticed. [ps. i may be a total creep but i'm pretty sure i talked to you on the phone today when you called the Bean museum.]

to coworkers, for making and sharing peanut butter banana bread with me. for bringing me Gilmore Girls. for listening to me. for offering to give help, love and support.

to allison [future roommate!] for reminding me of the bright side of being single and living with you.

that's all. if i think about it too much i just cry. woops! back to studying for finals!


  1. You're great, never forget it!! Keep holding out for the one-- he's going to be completely worth it :)

  2. You always boost my spirits and now I feel it is my job to lift yours. I'm just not as good at it as you are. All I can say is you are a beautiful and wonderful person and I sure do love you. Keep your chin up and you can always call/text me whenever you need to cry scream laugh or vent. I'm all ears!

    1. Jessica! Thank you! You are the one who always lifts me up! PS. i do not have your number which is sad. Send it to me on facebook :)