21 April 2012

finals wrap up

i promise that although i have been having a rough time lately, and i've been busy with finals, i have been social too! i've really been trying after finals finished too.

Mountain West Burrito
wednesday: i got news that daniel was back in the good ol' USA right before i took my last final. if my score is compromised because i was so excited, then i will just have to live with it. i called him after i was done and it was glorious. i mean, there are some things that never change. awesome. that night i went to dinner with Heather that night. she had texted me earlier in the week, after finding out what was going on, and suggested we go. we went to Mountain West Burrito. it was my first time there and i was excited to try it out because i've been hearing about it for a year! i got a half and half (steak and carnitas) chimichunga and we also got a side of chips and salsa. ok people, you know how i love costa vida, but this place is delicious!!!! all their food is fresh made and organic! i loved it. after dinner, Heather, Chris (her super adorable baby), and I went back to my place to chill for the night. a girls night was so greatly needed! we watched The Biggest Loser, made homemade oreos and talked. Heather is terrific because she listens to me and also gives good advice. i can vent to her, but she won't let me flop and give up on something important. she is also really great at seeing the good side of a situation i might see as bad. we stayed up until midnight but it was so worth it. i'm looking forward to a summer full of Just Dance, working out and more fun times with Heather!
so excited school is over

thursday: i planned on sleeping in, but i got a text from my coworker at 8 asking if i could work for her at 10. boo. work was fine, but after work was even better. i went to lunch at costa (where else?) with daniel! guys, it was the best. again, i will say that some things never change and i am so grateful for that. i mean he teases me to know end and sometimes i just want to throw water in his face, but he always listens, always brightens my day, always manages to made me laugh, and he is a loyal friend. anywho lunch was great! i worked again that night (i'm thinking about just setting up camp for the summer in the Bean Museum) and it was super slow. i wanted to die. after work i went and saw my apartment for spring/summer! it's stinkin cute and i'm psyched to live there with Allison!

friday: in the am i had a job interview (for a secretarial position at the Bean), said good bye to some friends, and cleaned a little bit. i went to lunch at Zupas with shaunzi which was fabulous. i have a secret goal to try everything on their menu. we ran by shopko where low and behold we found 2 copies of "While you were sleeping" for $7 each! what a steal! i love this movie, but i don't think i'll watch it for a while because i would probably cry. once again i was at the Bean all afternoon (welcome to my summer). friday night i hung out with my good friend sam crossley. we were best friends in high school apparently. the night was hilarious. folks this only the second time sam and i have hung out and its like we were meant to be friends. i exchange sarcasm with the best of them. we went to Macy's (yes the department store) to use a gift card sam had. he bought me a yellow teapot (perfection!) and i helped him pick out a very attractive sweater. we do make good shopping buddies. then we went and saw Mirror Mirror. have you seen this movie? i was a little wary since it is a fairytale remake. . . but, it was awesomespice! funny. romantic. and full of girl power. i say- go see it! the night was fantastic. my two favorite moments: 1. when the cashier at Macy's asked if we were having a boy or a girl. ummmm neither. i do not look pregnant! it was the gift card that said "baby" on it that threw her off. 2. when the older gentleman at the theater said he could either sit right next to me and make sam and i feel very awkward, or he could leave a one seat distance between us so that no awkwardness ensued. he was hilarious. i gotta marry someone like him. later that night (after i had a late dinner of Costa leftovers and oreos) kevin brought me a chocolate fudge cake from him and claire! it was so nice and even though it was 2 am i wanted to hug him. i'm so lucky i get to be claire's roommate this fall!

saturday: woke up early to do cleaning checks. i like cleaning, but i like having peace while i clean. there was no peace and so i got irritated. whatevs. out apartment is spotless- and we passed! i didn't really eat lunch. it was one of those rough moments. i tried to make a quesadilla but it burnt. so then i was super mad and just cut up a tomato for lunch. and i ate like 5 homemade oreos. healthy real healthy. i also talked to adam and said good bye for the rest of 2012 (he's going to china for fall semester!) and now i'm at work. booyah. please bless that tonight is good and i don't sit at home being the loner i am destined to be.

for my friends just getting into finals season, hang in there. we will play when you are done!

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