20 April 2012

the day after

i feel like i should say something. i mean everyone might be wondering if i've fallen off the face of the earth or run away to disneyland. i wish ha ha.

i'm fine. i think i'm going through the stages of grief. utter and complete despair. passivity. anger. withdrawal. what's next? i have zero idea.

it's like in Tangled, when Rapunzel wonders what to do if her dream doesn't work out or if it does. then what? Flynn says: "then you find a new dream." so kids, for the time being, i am finding a new dream. i'm definitely not giving up on my dream to work at Make A Wish Foundation! but it's clear that the Lord has different plans and wants me to stay in Provo. i'm never going stop hoping for my Prince. but he is not here now and so i am moving on.

i have great friends who support me. people who have given advice and invited me to do things. people who have reminded me of what's important in life. people who have shown love, despite my anger. people who i look up to. thank you.

i don't know what else to say.

ps. i am so happy that some things never change. that this is proof that friendships can be real and last over long distances and through ups and downs. that i can still smile and get hope from him. that i can find the courage to do things i want to do. that he can still make me laugh, even though i kind wanna throw water in his face. that costa vida is amazing. yay for daniel being home from russia!

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