24 April 2012

summer nights

i love summer! well, i usually love summer. this year i feel weird because i feel like i should be flying out to uganda (like i was last summer) and since i'm not, i am missing that wonderful place even more. i also feel like a lot of my best friends are either leaving for the summer, or are busy with their own lives/families. i like making new friends, but i don't make new best friends very quickly or easily. after finding out i didn't get the internship in AZ i was super bummed about summer and not looking forward to anything. thanks to my amazing roommate Allison and my own propensity to make lists, i have made a summer bucket list. i sure hope i will do more than what is on this list, but even with these things done, it will be an awesome summer!

HP marathon
Hogle Zoo
Hike the Y
Harry Potter's Birthday Party (7.31)
Spiderman, Avengers, Batman
Disco Skating
Read at least one book per month
Taco Tuesday
make a rainbow cake
Chaco tan line
homemade popsicles
go on a picnic
Madagascar 3 
Temple Square
City Creek Center
drive in/outdoor movie
go camping
Sammy's- $1 grilled cheese on Mondays, 2 for 1 shakes on Tuesday
fly a kite
learn to longboard
ride a motorcycle

ps. i moved! for spring and (probably) summer terms i am living in The Bostonian- a cute condo owned by family friends. i am living with Miss Allison Brown and couldn't be more excited! after moving in i started off the summer with playing racquetball (for the first time) and later watching Madagascar 2 with Daniel. also, i don't currently have internet at my apartment so if you are trying to get a hold of me for summertime adventures please text or call me. it's just easier that way.


  1. dear beka, please invite me to participate in your summer bucket list. also i still want to give you your keychain. also, i ran today for the first time in a month and it wasn't a disaster! i thought you'd be proud. :)

    1. you are officially invited. ps i miss you. you are awesome for running! i gotta get running again. i'm doing a half in july!

  2. I love the Logan roadtrip idea!