25 April 2012

words on wednesday

i have stuff to say, so i'm not doing wordless wednesday. and because i didn't have my tuesdays thoughts this week, there are pretty much a bajillion thoughts flying around in my head, and they need to be put out on paper [ahem, cyperspace "paper"]. words + pictures today? ok.

- i finally got scholarship notifications for fall today. when they say "mid-April" they really mean "we're-going-to-wait-until-the-very-tail-end-of-the-month-so-you-are-freaking-out." i got a half tuition scholarship for fall, for which i feel very blessed. i hope i will get grant money from FAFSA, but i'm not planning on it. so, i'm in the market for a job. right now i'm working almost 30 hours a week at the Bean, which closes July 1. so i'm looking for a job which i can work at part time now and then full time from July-August. Or a full time, well paying job, where i can work full time after July 1. any ideas?
- speaking of school, i talked to an adviser today about graduation. say what? yeah that's right. this girl is graduating in december. just gotta get the music to send over my music minor form and then apply. right now, i'm planning on walking in August.
- guys, i'm pretty sure i have issues with knives. in the past three days i have cut myself twice. first time while slicing cheese [cheese slicing is my nemesis] and then this morning while slicing an avocado. thankfully, no major arteries or veins have been hit. . . yet. but i'm getting worried.
- my new roommate is the bomb.com. i am excited for the many adventures to come!
- i saw The Notebook yesterday. for the first time. ever. i have this thing against hyped up movies, well mostly against hyped up chick flicks. also, every girl i talk to say that they cry during it, and i hate crying. well people, i didn't cry [my friend says this means i'm heartless. does it? i don't think so. i think it means i contain emotion verrrrry well]. i did love the story. and it make me heart-sick for a man like that in my life. someone who will never give up on me. but how did Noah know to not give up? i'm all for peacing out at the first sign of a lack of commitment. or i'm too scared to say how i feel. how could Noah trust that Allie would come back? but, it was a good movie. i'm pretty much convinced that if i go to the South i will me myself a real man- because in the movies all the true romantic men are either from the South or from England.
- who else is psyched for the Biggest Loser finale? i want to have a party, but that would involve unhealthy food, and you really cannot watch the Biggest Loser while eating junk food. who do you want to win?
- today i took a nap. i know.  a nap, on a weekday, in the middle of the afternoon, for an hour and 15 minutes! it was the perfect napping day too. the only bad part about the nap was that i had a dream about that Oregon boy. he was being a total tool in the dream though so i was not missing him when i woke up (ok maybe i was a tiny bit, but let's not talk about it).
- at Macey's yesterday, Allison and I bought a package of peanut butter chocolate bars that were on clearance. yes. i love roommate shopping time! i'm secretly jealous of Allison because she can't eat gluten so obviously she will be eating way less sweets than me. should i give up gluten for a while??  what do you think?

ok enough words. here are some pictures worth 1000 words.


  1. ahahah i love that sleeping bag pic! love your blog girl!

  2. There's not really an advantage to not eating gluten unless you have an allergy. It's kind of like being lactose intolerant. Have you ever read Intuitive Eating? It's a super good book!

  3. Southern men really are the best. I love my North Carolina boy!

  4. Haha, being a sufferer of Celiac disease myself, it definitely does not mean you eat less sweets. That would be diabetes. Going on a gluten free diet isn't a good idea if you don't have gluten intolerance. We don't get a lot of essential vitamins, minerals, and protein that you can get from certain foods which contain gluten. I have many vitamin deficiencies including, b12 and iron. Though a lot of the foods we eat can be healthier, that doesn't necessarily mean we are healthier or that our diet is healthier. I wouldn't recommend it.
    You're already way healthy anyway, so just keep doing what you're doing:)