27 April 2012


yesterday was my little brother's birthday. he is 18! yeah it's totally crazy. my mom wrote in my "Baby Journal" that when we found out that hyrum was a boy, i cried and said boys were dumb and i just wanted a little sister (a little ironic since i spent all my time with spencer). well hyrum, although i didn't want you to be a boy, and Sarah and i may have dressed you up as a girl more than once, i am super glad you are my little brother!  you may have heard me brag about hyrum before (and i must admit that bragging about my siblings is one of my favorite past times) but please humor me as i tell you a few things you may not know about him.

hyrum is verrrrry driven. as i said here, he decided when he was like 8 that he wanted to play Rachmoninoff's 5th piano concerto. that goal has not only been accomplished but his love for piano and music has driven him to practice, sometimes up to 6 hours a day, and audition for the music school at BYU. ok so about 80 people audition for the music school every year and about 12 people get in. so the competition is fierce! and guess what??? he got in!!!! so he will be here at BYU next year studying piano- oh and he wants to double major in either physics or engineering. i mean can we just say crazy? but awesome. hyrum isn't just driven in music, but in every part of life. i guess you could say he is a perfectionist, but he really just wants to do his best. he studies so hard in all his school classes. one sunday night he told me he needed to get to bed early so that he could get up at 3 and study! now i want to get good grades and everything, but i really value my sleep ha ha. granted hyrum probably does better than i did in high school (i.e. getting fives on all his AP tests) and will probably do better than i do in college. he is an example to me of studying and working hard to get the results you want!

hyrum is fun! despite being very serious of school, music, and other stuff, he has a great sense of humor. i love going home and hanging out with him because we have so much fun. one sunday we sat in his room and he did the entire teach me how to Jimmer rap (of course i joined in on the chorus because that is all i know). or the night of my birthday we stayed up until 1 am watching SNL skits- especially my favorite "the surprise." hyrum loves to laugh and he loves to make other people laugh. if there is anyone in our family who does April Fool's jokes, it's Hyrum. he likes to have fun too. he is always one to make a roadtrip more fun, or to get the brothers to go outside and play a game of football or basketball. i am so stoked he will be here at the Y this fall and i hope we get to hang out a lot!

Happy Birthday Hyrum! i know there are like a bajillion girls who wished you a happy birthday, but really i am the most important of them all :) love you brother!

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