28 April 2012

summer beginnings

summer has begun! i've moved into a new condo. i'm working on revamping the blog (so bear with me over the next couple of days). i really want to spruce it up and make it more "me." any ideas or suggestions?
so what have i been up to since i'm not in school and i'm barely working 27 hours a week? a lot of relaxing. it's not good. i need to find something to keep me busy on the days where i don't work until five. i'm not getting another job right now because (duh duh duh) i'm going to be taking a CNA course and getting work off from two jobs is twice as hard as it is for one. but if anyone knows of temporary work (cleaning, babysitting, etc) let me know! [about the CNA thing, if you have known me for a while you are probably surprised. i have always said i will never get my CNA. i just didn't want to be bothered to work in a nursing home, changing old people's diapers and stuff. it just did not sound fun or "exciting." but as i have grown older i realize that there is something to be said about CNA's and the work they do. also, it will be a lot easier (i hope) to find a job in health care once i am a CNA. and, it will look good on my nursing school applications.] anyways here is my little beginning of summer update.

did i tell you that daniel got me this ^ keychain from paris??  i know it doesn't look like much, but it really is from paris. i feel cool. now i just wanna go to france! when he told me he got me something in paris i said "you brought a french man? you are too kind." [because we all know french men are the most romantic. . . ] but really, i was grateful. what a good friend! daniel left on friday for michigan. i made him homemade oreos for the road trip, but we never had time to meet up so i could give them to him. correction: he didn't have time. i'm not that mad. sometimes i forget how daniel is and so i get frustrated, that leads to eating the oreos that he didn't take, which will probably make me gain weight. nbd. (ps. how do we feel about the side part? i rocked it today and yesterday... but i still like the middle part. what do you think?)

i've been watching a lot of gilmore girls. hilary leaves on her mission on wednesday and i need to return season 7 to her tomorrow. i'll be watching the last 4 episodes tonight. i'm finally finishing gilmore girls!!!! can you believe it? i have come to really love this show so so much. i mean, i knew i would love it, but i didn't know how much. i am definitely going to be a little emotional as i finish. guess i will have to start over at season 1 (can i borrow it Amberly?) so i can continue to have my Rory fix. expect me to post about the final episodes/season of Gilmore Girls!

i have a car now. crazy right? i'm feeling very grown up. it's my family's old Buick aka The Boat. it seriously is a beast. i can't even park it in our underground parking garage because it's too fat and long and has the worst turning radius known to man. it was almost empty when i brought it down from my parents house and i tried to wait as long as possible to fill it up. when i did, my heart hurt- $54. gas is expensive! needless to say i am going to do all i can to not drive places.  and i'm not going to let it get below half full because then you get better gas mileage and i shouldn't have to pay as much to fill it up. did i mention though that i filled it up last saturday and it still says full? that's how little i drive it. booyah.

oh, i finally saw The Notebook. shaunzi told me that i wasn't human if i didn't cry during the movie. thankfully, she fell asleep and i was able to not cry without feeling cold hearted. don't get me wrong- the movie was wonderful! the story was sweet and sad. i laughed and sighed. i wished for a love like that someday (except not where i cheat on my fiance). i am glad i saw it. it is the one chick flick that i'm pretty sure all girls love universally. it didn't change my life and it's not my favorite chick flick. but it was good and i'm glad i saw it.

what are my weekend plans? well you should know that last night after work i turned down two offers to hang out and instead stayed at home watching Gilmore Girls. yeah i'm cool. today after work i'm going on a date (my first since David and i'm nervous!), doing laundry, and cleaning my apartment. oh and i also need to watch Gilmore Girls. allison was at home in SLC last night so maybe having her around tonight will make me more social.

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