18 May 2012

"all was well"

[it's just a three post kind of day...]

guyssssssss. i finished reading harry potter last night! this journey that started over Christmas break is over. i was... very emotional. like not crying or anything. just feeling a lot of emotions. i've pretty much been even more obsessed than i ever thought i would be. i know, i know i'm a little late bloomer (for just having barely read the books). but hey, better late than never right?

so i wanted to write a really epic post about harry potter, but i just don't know what to say. there are too many words and yet not enough words. i've read many series of fictional books. but i have never been so affected by them as i am by Harry Potter. 
Harry Potter is about family, friends, loyalty, trust, courage, and fighting evil. i can't write eloquently because my mind is still at Hogwarts, so here are just a spattering of thoughts i have about Harry Potter.
- i feel like Fred is my brother. i'm still mourning his loss.

- draco is not perfect, but i pity him. he chose evil because of fear. but it was fear for his family, which makes him a good person.

- i love molly weasley! she is not just a loving mother, but she is a fighter!

- can i just leave this muggle world and go to Hogwarts already?
- i truly liked the first kiss between Hermione and Ron waaaay better in the book. i mean it's good in the movie too, but yeah.

- i gotta get me all 7 books and all 8 movies. pronto.

- it's sad that they don't talk about Teddy Lupin in the movies. that adds so much more to Tonks and Remus and makes their deaths that much sadder!

- i think Neville deserves more credit. i mean when Harry, Ron, and Hermione were not at Hogwarts he basically took over defending it's students and it's honor. he became the leader of Dumbledore's Army.

- i think i'm officially a potterhead. don't you?

mischief managed.

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