21 May 2012

the day the universe aligned

yesterday was the eclipse! randomly Allison and I decided to head down south so we could get the full effect of this momentous event. we set out after church, supplied with water, caramel popcorn, strawberries and, of course, our handy welding helmet.

we drove two hours, arriving in Kanosh, UT in plenty of time to view the entire eclipse. it was so fun! we met this old local man, Vernon Christensen, who hung out with us for like a half hour as we viewed the full annular eclipse. it was so cute and Kanosh is just a great little city. literally it was the tiniest town i've been in, in a while.  but it was just beautiful and i would move there (if they didn't have to drive 50 miles to the nearest Walmart ha ha).

seeing the eclipse was amazing. it's one of those moments when you observe an amazing act of nature and you are convince that there is God because how else could it have happened. thanks to the welding helmet Allison and I had the ultimate protection for our eyes, but it wasn't so great for taking photos. i'm sure that you can survive with the pictures other people took.

other than the eclipse it was a wonderful weekend. sometimes when i have such a great weekend i get worried that something bad or disappointing must be coming. i hope that is not true! optimism! here's to a great week no matter what happens!


  1. Did you happen to get those sunglasses at f21? Because if you did, we have the same ones. I totally love them, and the eclipse was cool! too bad I was still down here in Utah county with not a great view:/

    1. They are from F21! i love them!