22 May 2012

thought on tuesday

one of the downsides of working at a desk is that my left hand stays fairly warm (because i can sit on it. tmi? maybe) while my right hand freezes. it's kind of a cruel irony.

i realized the other day that although i made a goal to run a marathon in September, i'm totally scared to even try. i just don't think i can do it. the thought of running farther than 13 miles is frightening. i guess i should remember that when i first started running i could barely run a mile, and then i did a half marathon. i guess i can do anything i put my mind to... right? but, any suggestions on how to stay motivated? how do do those long runs? how to deal with knee pain? or if you want to be my running buddy (i run about a 10 min/mile pace) let me know!

i'm at work for 9 hours today. in the same 25 square feet. it's quite exciting. not. but at least there were snickerdoodles in the break room. (i didn't even eat one, but knowing that they were there and they were free was a comforting thought.)

in my lunch today i had a chocolate chip cookie with coconut in it. ummmm ok, why has no one ever thought of this before?! it is crazy good. i want to go buy me some coconut right now and make some so ya'll can try it out.

i've been working out for about an hour every day and i'm going to start running every other day. it's fantastic. i just want to find a way to amp up my work out. ideas?

in between going to three sacrament meetings on sunday (i better get really blessed for that), i discovered a few things. i was sincerely pondering and praying about something i really want. something that i, in fact, require in order to reach the Celestial Kingdom. it is a good thing to want. but because i went to three sacrament meetings i heard a great talk by my friend Casey. he said that we should be asking God how we can be an instrument in His hands. i think i make the mistake of asking, asking, asking. but i'm not asking the right questions. so i guess i gotta work for that. the Lord wants me to turn my life totally over to Him. it's probably going to be hard because i'm not patient and i like to do things my own way, but, even more, i want to help His children, and being His instrument is the only way i know how.

speaking of church, i'm giving a talk on sunday. it's only been two years. the topic? "why is memorial day significant to us as Latter-Day Saints?" let's just talk about how my family always "celebrates" memorial day by planting our garden and weeding the entire yard. the only thing we are remembering is how much we hate weeding and how we did this last year, so why are we doing it again this year. obviously i'm off to a great start.

i feel like everyone sees me through rose colored glasses. to them i'm: super athletic, a good writer, smart, a good listener, supportive, an example of righteousness, etc. but honestly i don't feel like i'm any of this. i see myself as a pretty mediocre individual who is constantly attempting to catch up to everyone else. i feel like i'm being left in the dust. so who's right? my inner self, or the people i live with and associate with day to day?

ok we are getting too deep and i don't really feel like being all philosophical and psychological and emotional today. even though i have two loooong hours left at work. i've given you enough to go on. have a great tuesday!

ps. it's National Hamburger Month! who wants to celebrate with me?? i'm thinking either In 'N Out or JCW's!


  1. I like to listen to audiobooks on long runs! I listened to Harry Potter my last marathon training cycle, haha. I love music and all, but 3 hours of music gets boring! With pain you need to be super attentive and recognize if it's just a typical ache, or a developing injury you need to take care of. It's better to miss a few miles than to mess yourself up and miss a race (I speak from current experience, haha). Stretch more than you think you need to, and ice/heat as soon as you get home (and then other random times if you're feeling it!). Ice baths are so helpful after long runs. I also suggest investing in a foam roller (I got mine at target). It hurts like a motha but helped my knee (ITBS) SO much.
    Something that was really motivating for me was tracking my runs on Dailymile.com. There are a TON of helpful and extremely supportive people on there, and I've even met up with a few of the Utah people. That's how I got into pacing! It also helped me to write down exactly what I was going to do every day training wise and then just do it, rather than just winging it once you get out. It also helps (as silly as it sounds) to envision yourself actually running the race, crossing the finish line, etc.
    Also make sure that you test out evertyhing you are going to wear/eat on race day. Cotton is of the devil. Wear your exact race outfit on long runs to make sure nothing gets uncomfortable. Try the food/energy gels they will be giving out at aid stations to make sure it doesn't make you sick, or if you are going to use your own food test that out too.
    Anyway, that was like 10x more info than you even asked for or probably want, but once I start talking about it I just keep going, haha!

  2. Girl, I'm so up for an In 'N out hamburger. You just say the word and I'm there :) Love you!