15 May 2012

dr. oz's challenge

have you heard of Dr. Oz? he has a tv show (which i have never seen) about health and stuff. it's been a while since i posted anything about health (my bad) and since summer is here and school is out i have lots of time on my hands! my friend Adam remarked the other day that if he was in Provo he would be working out a lot! so that is going to be one of my goals. i also want to start eating healthier than i have for the last little while. i've had this pinned on Pinterest for a little while. it's from Dr. Oz and i really like it! everything on here is something we've heard before and should really be no brainers. but sometimes eating healthy is a lot harder than working out.
Dr. Oz's Challenge
1. Cut out soda- i don't really drink soda, but sometimes i just like a good dr. pepper. soda has tons of sugar and is so fattening! plus, caffeine isn't good for you either.
2. Stop eating at least 3 hours before bed- this is one of my big problem areas. i like a good midnight snack. i'm going to set the time (since i don't have a set bed time) to stop eating each at 9 pm. at 9, the fridge and pantry is locked up tight. (of course there will be exceptions like if it is a party, ward function, date, etc.)
3. Move for 10 minutes each day
4. Exercise portion control
       - no snacks larger than your fist
5. Weigh yourself everyday
6. Take a vitamin every day (one that includes a vitamin B complex) and calcium daily
7. Reinvent recipes
8. Conquer your cravings

Pretty simple right? i hope so! i'll be focusing on the two highlighted items this week and i will report back next week. then i will go on to one or two more. i'm excited to do this and to work out more! i want to work out at least an hour each day and really start training for my marathon (if my knee will permit). yay for being healthy!
i just love this. this will be me


  1. I disagree with his challenge on weighing yourself every day. I know that doing that can make people obsessive and choose to go overboard thinking they aren't losing anything, and become anorexic. Not always but I don't recommend that part of the challenge.
    The rest of it sounds great though!

    1. I don't like the weighing daily thing either- for the same reasons. however, weighing in is very important when you are trying to lose weight, but if you don't need to lose a ton or you are just trying to get more fit, then i don't think it's necessary.