14 May 2012

my life: happiness round 2

this last week was good. i was more social than i have been all summer, and thought less about certain boys that i have been. i also left my camera at home yesterday so you will have to wait for the weekend rewind. i'm also probably the world's worst blogger daughter because i did not do a mother's day post yesterday. i started one on saturday but didn't have time to finish it (i was too busy talking to missionaries and making my mom brunch and dinner). i feel lame because i'm horrible at expressing my feelings vocally and i am much better at doing it through writing. but i guess my mom will have to wait for next mother's day to get an epic post about how awesome she is.
here are a few pictures from my (not smart) phone from the past week. don't worry about how most of them are of food.

1. you've seen this on Pinterest? i made it this week.
2. homemade oreos topped with strawberries
3. margherita pizza from Cafe Paesan
4. avocado egg pizza
remember how i am trying to be more happy? somedays it's easy, and somedays it is hard. i realize that i have to do things that i love and that i know will make me happy. one of these things is being social. but, it's hard for me to be social when i feel crappy about myself. it's basically a catch 22. so here is where you come in. i like being around people. correction- i love it. i like having friends. i think am a very loyal friend and i guess i get expectations of what my friends should do, because i would do that for them. sometime's it is very frustrating. i get upset when friends ditch out, or when they say "we should do something" but then never respond to texts/phone calls, or when they say they will keep in touch and they don't. i appreciate so very much the friend who calls me, even when they are on the other side of the country. or the friend who invites me to do stuff with them. or the friend who is willing to be my wing man. so i am asking you, my readers, to do something for me. will you invite me to do stuff with you? i'm a pretty fun person. i am up for adventure or for just a chill night with a movie. i like being outdoors and i like dancing. i can't guarantee that you will love me (some people don't), but you might have some fun. and since i can't go to africa to be happy, i gotta find my happiness here. so for reals, invite me. facebook, e-mail (beka.arnesen08@gmail.com), or seriously give me a call. i will probably jump for joy. and don't worry i always call you back!
i know this is a super selfish post. but i really need to do something with my time so i am not sitting around feeling sorry for myself and eating way too much chocolate. so yeah.... i feel weird about this post... maybe i will post it. maybe not. i just can't live the way i've been living anymore. (at least i'm not dreaming about him anymore.)

ps. i have a confession. i sometimes get a little jealous when i hear that a friend is starting to date someone, or they really like someone, or their dating relationship is moving to a more serious spot. is that totally horrible? probably. i really try not to though! i just want to be there too ya know?


  1. You're totally welcome to hang out with me! I'm not all that uninteresting... haha. I can't however guarantee that my husband won't try to set you up with his best friend RM. He noticed you went to Africa, and jumped for joy. We might have to hide from him...:)

  2. I wish you lived in Rexburg or I lived in Utah. We would have so much fun. I'd love to hang when I'm in Utah at the end of May, though! Maybe some shopping or lunch?

  3. I can relate to your p.s. A whole lot. But someday our dream man will come, right? :)