08 May 2012

if my family were the avengers. . .

i finally saw Avengers. love. instant love. like i knew i would love it, but really? it was so insanely good i'm on a major adrenaline kick right now and well, it's insane. some girls get excited about chick flicks, i get excited about super heroes and blowing stuff up. yes, i'm a nerd. get over it.
***if you have not seen The Avengers then please, do us all a favor and get your sorry butt to a theater!

phew k thanks.
so if my family were the Avengers this is sort of how it would pan out.
Thor = Adam.
Hawkeye = Spencer.
Ironman = Hyrum.
Captain America = Joseph.
Bruce Banner/Hulk = Ben.
Black Widow = me (obvi).
Agent Maria Hill = Sarah (mostly so she doesn't feel left out).

if you know my family what do you think of my assessment? i like it. 
i realize we are a very threatening bunch

if you could be any character who would you be? girls (since i know 95% of you only went to see this movie because of the hot men) which one is the "hottest"?

let the summer of super heroes begin!!!

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  1. They're all hot. I do have a special place in my heart for robert downey jr. though. Although, I have yet to see the movie (would've gone at midnight had circumstances permitted me to) but I for one have actually read the comics... NERD ALERT yes, I know. But I truly deep down love super hero's NOT because they're popular.