18 May 2012

{last} weekend rewind

i got my camera back so here are a few pictures from my adventures last weekend!
on friday i went to lunch at Cafe Paesan with my friend Kevin. if you have not been there i highly suggest you go! it's delicious. after work i was supposed to go to a friend's wedding reception, but my ride ditched and so i couldn't go. (sorry heather!) but i did go to City Creek with Kevin and Jacob, friends from my old ward. it was my first time and we sadly didn't have a lot of time. it's such a beautiful mall though and i can't wait to go back! maybe next time i'll be able to spend a little moola. . .

saturday was mother's day mingle at Grandma's. i pretty much spent the whole time playing with my cousin's 2 year old son, Logan. he is seriously the cutest. out of all my extended family he is one that i'm most looking forward to seeing at the family reunion in a couple weeks! after the mingle, i drove up to downtown salt lake to volunteer with Ouelessobougou, for their benefit dinner. i've wanted to volunteer with them for a while and i was excited to help out! they are a great organization and a good example of the type of non-profit i'd like to start/work for in the future. my cousin MacKenzie was volunteering too and it was so fun to be there with her.
on sunday we talked to Elder Arnesen early-ish in the morning. we skyped with him which we haven't done before! it was weird and awesome to see him. i think it was weirder for him though- i mean he hasn't seen our faces in almost two years! after the skype call me and the boys made mom a waffle bar breakfast. she got a new waffle maker and so they were pretty legit! we went to church which was great. i like going to my home ward on mother's day because they give treats to all the Relief Society sisters. i'm not a mom but i sure do like celebrating future mother's day by getting chocolate! after church, i talked to Adam on the phone for like an hour. geez that kid is awesome. what a great friend! later that afternoon we skyped with sarah. it's weird talking to missionaries because it's like- what do you say? your lives are so different. so it basically was mom and sarah talking, and the rest of us sitting there. i made teriyaki chicken with a delicious salad for dinner. we had avocado and mango too and it was almost like a dinner back in uganda! oh yum. 

it was a good weekend, mostly spent with family. which i love. i am excited for this weekend too! hooray for weekend fun! 

what are your plans for the weekend?

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  1. Haha it's all good, glad you had a good weekend!