17 May 2012

thinking thoughts on thursday

whew after yesterday's post you'd think i had nothing to say. but i do. i most definitely do. not about dating or love or being 'friend-zoned.' it's mostly just random stuff. but if you'd like (ahem, you have better like) you can go read yesterday's post and comment because guys i need all the help i can get.

my most favorite Elder gets home in 99 days!!!! eeee! i've made a countdown chain and everything. once you have a countdown chain it makes the home coming real. it's happening folks. dear spencer, let's play tennis this fall on the warm days. i am only confident enough to play with you because even if you laugh at me i know you still love me.

my knee is killing me. i was told i had tendinitis in my knee when i was in high school, but it's never been as bad as it is now. pretty sure that diagnosis is wrong. i haven't been running in two weeks and i'm supposed to be training for a marathon!!!!! i'm kinda freaking out. i am so afraid that i have IT band issues which of course is no bueno. usually they tell you to stop running. uhhhhh. no. but then i remember that i don't let asthma stop me from running and i've worked my butt off to be a good runner and i'm not gonna let a little knee/IT issues stop me!!!! so i'm gonna keep running even if it is very painful. probably not a good idea, but oh well. i won't run every day though and i'm going to start doing yoga again so i can keep my knee strong.

i got my camera back today! be ready for a weekend rewind post. please bear with my nasty phone camera pictures for one more day.

this part? yes i took this picture. oh snape. . . you are great.
i'm almost done with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. guysssss, i got so emotional when Fred died! i knew i would, but it was like... heartbreaking. i'm right the middle of Harry and Voldemort's final fight. i don't know what else to call it. also, i love Mrs. Weasley. i already knew that too, but seriously she is awesomespice! (i took a Meyer Briggs personality test and Mrs. Weasley is one of the fictional characters who has the same personality type as i do. i feel great about that.) it was horrible when i had to put the book down at the end of my lunch break. i'm finishing it tonight. and then you can expect an epic post about The Boy Who Lived.

that's really all i'm thinking about today. i feel great. like i could conquer the world- almost. i might even flirt with some guys tonight. i decided i like the middle part as opposed to the side part. i got a bag of produce from home. i feel healthy and i'm getting stronger. life is good. and i am being completely 100% serious about that. hooray.