01 May 2012


you may remember that i was posting my monthly goals on this here blog. i skipped april. pretty much my goal for april was to survive finals. now that i have successfully lived through dreaded finals (+ a break up) i am back to my goal making. first, a recap on march's goals.

make a mormon.org profile- done! i may have done it on the last sunday of the month, but at least i did it. you can check it out here
finish book on personal revelation- yyyyeah i read like 2 chapters. i will try to finish it soon.
21 day no junk food challenge- again that was a fail. i think i did good for like the first 3 days of the month. and it was all downhill from there.
start training for a marathon- i did run more often, but no official training started (it has yet to start....)
get enough sleep- in retrospect, this goal is very ambiguous and does not fit the SMART goal-making technique at all. i guess i got "enough" sleep. i mean, i didn't die or kill someone because i was sleep-deprived.
spend more time in library- honestly i can't remember how i did, but i am almost positive i did a good job at this. especially as the end of the month approached and finals came closer, me and the HBLL became verrrrry close.
do well on EXSC 400 and physics tests- i am proud to say that i did really great on both of these exams! i got the best score i had received on any test in functional anatomy. and i also did well on the physics test. booyah!
apply for Make A Wish Internship- let's be real, i was so excited that i applied within the first week of march.
start paying Hyrum back- i paid back $100. only $185 to go.
more faces, less Facebook- um don't remember. don't really care.
write one thing in grateful journal daily- i was good at this for the first couple weeks, but as things got busier and i started dating someone, i definitely stopped.

so here are my goal for May! the summertime can either be a wonderful time to accomplish a lot of goals you don't have time to do during the school year, or it can be a major slack off time. i plan on being productive this summer.

do you have goals for May? what are they?

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