30 April 2012

weekend rewind

you would think i would have made my first weekend of summer terribly exciting and full of partying, but it wasn't. and i'm really ok with that. i work every friday night and saturday morning which is kind of a bummer, but really not too much of a bummer. again, i'm ok with it. i'm becoming more anti-social as i get older i guess.

after work on saturday i went on a blind date. we went bowling at fat cats. you may know that i am not the best bowler. on my first date with daniel we went bowling and he tried to teach me how to bowl. that game, i bowled a 10. i don't know if that speaks poorly on daniel's teaching skills or my learning abilities, but i blame my hyperextending elbows on my lack of talent in the bowling department. we bowled two games and i lost the first one, of course. but, guess what?! i won the second game!!!! and i broke 100! it's kind of a miracle. i was happy. i think i should be on a bowling league- mostly because i think bowling shoes are cute, but partially because bowling might not be my worst sport ever after all. after bowling we went to jamba juice. we doubled with jason and michelle anderson, who set us up. they are funny people. the date was good. buuuuut, i don't think i will go out with him again. it's too soon. we are not alike. i didn't laugh a lot. i felt like i was not being my whole self. yeah. [some people think i shouldn't pass judgement too quickly, after all it's just one date. but i know when i'm not attracted and when i'm not feeling it. i think i'm justified in my judgement. regardless, i feel bad turning down dates from perfectly nice guys. it makes me feel rude. but hey, i can't fall in love with every nice guy out there!] 

after the date Allison and i decided to hike the Y. i haven't hiked the Y since i was a freshman and so it's on my summer bucket list. booyah! it was nice weather- not too hot and not too cold. hiking the Y is an experience. thoughts before hiking the Y: this looks easy i should be up there in no time. thoughts while hiking the Y: why (pant) am i so (pant) out of breath (pant pant)? i swear i'm (pant) in better shape than (pant) this! thoughts at the Y: what a beautiful view. totes worth the panting. thoughts hiking down the Y: eccentric muscle motion --> lost of strain of muscle --> maybe DOMS --> hurting knees tomorrow. while hiking Allison and i talked about politics and foreign aid in Africa. one things i love about allison is that we can have intelligent conversations about things we both care about! she makes me want to learn more about the world. at the top we snapped a few pics and contemplated the complexity of life before heading back down. it was a way fun hike!

after the hike we had a nice dinner and then settled in to finish Gilmore Girls. ok i do not like how it ends! it is so sad! i mean i am happy that Luke and Lorelai are kind of back together. but Rory breaks poor Logan's heart and then goes to work for the Obama campaign? what the what? if i had a guy like Logan who loved me that much i would drop the career plans and wed him immediately. whatevs. i did get teary eyed in the last episode and after we finished i was filled with deep melancholy. sadness over the finish of Gilmore Girls led to general sadness about my life in general. in desperation i texted some friends, felt very lonely, and finally dear Amberly called me saying she was coming over with food. so we ended up eating chicken alfredo at 11 pm and then watching funny youtube videos (please please please watch this) until midnight.

sunday was Hilary Norton's mission farewell. i had some really good friends leave on missions last summer, but i didn't say good bye to them at their farewell's because i was in Africa. of course Hilary gave an amazing talk on overcoming fear (something i need to work on) and i was just so happy the closing hymn was not God Be With You Til We Meet Again. Hilary has been such a good friend to me! it seems like just yesterday i was getting to know her at Taco Amigo and then there was that one night where we talked about choir tour and Mike Roberts and bonded instantly! after i graduated she helped me have a way fun summer. we went to the pool and on road trips with her family. her parents were my trek parents and i adopted her family as my second family. at Hil's farewell, her mom basically begged me to visit. duh i will totally come visit! after she graduated we went to the stake singles ward together where everyone thought we were sisters/twins/cousins. she listened to my confusion about boys and missing missionaries, and i listened to her talk about dating and all the boys who were in love with her. i worked with Hil at the Bean Museum for about a year and it has been great. its not like we even worked closely together, but she has such a cheery and optimistic attitude that whenever i saw her my day was instantly brightened. she was so generous in letting me borrow all the seasons of gilmore girls! she is always there to listen and to offer help. i am going to miss Hilary a lot. i don't know where i will be in my life when she gets back but i am excited to see her! bon voyage Sister Norton!

we also celebrated Hyrum's and Joseph's birthdays yesterday. i discovered that teenage boys don't really care what they eat as long as it's food. and they don't really care too much what they get for their birthday, but they prefer cold hard cash. i don't understand how teenage boys think. the party was fun and most people got double the cake (i passed on that- i don't like spice cake).  all in all the weekend was nice. not my best weekend, or the most exciting, but i will work on making them more exciting and fun in the future.

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