30 May 2012

memorial day weekend

whew what a weekend! i love me some long weekends, especially since it meant i didn't have work on monday.
the weekend started on friday night after i got off work. i went to see John Carter with Kevin, Tyler and Andrew. (you would think with how much i hang out with guys that i would have a boyfriend. i don't. opposite karma or something?) before the show we went to jcw's because i was hungry and i've been craving jcw's for a good while here. they were all jcw's virgins but i think i converted them all. the movie was actually good! the title, John Carter, can be confusing because there is a U.S. president named John Carter. this is not a movie about him. it's more scifi meets star wars. we snuck in reese's pieces and sour patch kids- so delicious- and i was set for the night! i love hanging out with these guys. i would do it every weekend.
saturday morning i got up bright and early to go have breakfast with the girls of 2110 (ie my freshman roommates). we went to Denny's because it's close and cheap. amy had some big news for us (but i'm not gonna say what it is because i don't know how public she wants it just yet). but i'm excited for her! after a long, busy shift at work, i went home and took a short nap before my date. we were supposed to go roller blading, but i swear that the roller blading gods are against us because the rain prevented us from going. instead, my date had the brilliant idea of making ice cream using dry ice! it was so cool! think Sub Zero Ice Cream made at home. we made two batches- chocolate chip cookie dough and caramel cheesecake brownie. oh MY yum! the hardest part was breaking apart the block of dry ice. i'm a girl and i don't have hammers or other tools around my apartment, so we used scissors and a lot of pounding. the funnest part was pouring the dry ice into the cream mixture! i felt like a mad scientist- kinda. and of course the ice cream was delicious. it tasted a little carbonated, but that was way cool! after sticking the leftovers in the freezer, they tasted just like normal ice cream. i gotta make this stuff again!
saturday night i went up to Miss Aubrey's bridal shower!! yeah she is getting married! whit was in town from Kentucky and hosted it at her parent's place. i hadn't seen whit since we parted ways in Uganda and i was so excited to see her! haha her face when she saw me was so funny. we are just used to seeing each other with no makeup, in our chaco's and DI clothes. she looked awesome though and did such a cute job with the shower. it was a blast to see all the Africa girls who came and i stayed with Megs until 11 pm! we met Shey (Aubrey's fiance) and he is just perfect. Aubs, if you are reading this- i really am so happy for you! i think Shey is really a perfect fit for you and i can't wait for you to be wed (and live in provo ha ha). all the marriage talk made me a little marriage hungry, but whatevs. that happens.

on sunday i slept waaaay in. i gave a talk in sacrament meeting. i really dislike speaking in public. it probably stems from that public speaking class i had back in seventh grade where everyone gave me horrible ratings each class period and i felt like the biggest failure.  anyways the talk went good, i think. people said they liked it so unless they are lying, then it was good. after my church i went over to Heather's mom's house for the post-church gathering for Chris's baby blessing. i am sad i couldn't go to his actual blessing but the talk kind of prevented that. it was so great to see all my former 2110 roommates and their husbands there. sometimes i feel a little like the odd woman out, but for the most part they make me feel like one of the group. all the husbands get along so well that it makes me want to marry someone who will fit in with "the guys" too! the food was delicious, of course. Heather's mom is a fantastic party thrower, just like Heather. i probably ate too much fruit, but hey, it's ok because fruit is healthy. we talked about baby names and health insurance and birth control. yes, i am storing all this knowledge away for that someday when it actually applies to me. i love these girls. no matter how different our lives may be (school, babies, husbands, etc.) i know they will always love and support me!
on monday i woke up bright and early in order to meet my family for the drive up to Heber. we had a Thomas family reunion up at the Moon's cabin!! guys the reunion was so fun. i love my family! we played games- i only won one. we ate delicious comfort food (some of it was not so delicious... baloney and pickle sandwiches?). went on a treasure hunt. had a testimony meeting. after the "official" activities, i went four wheeling with some of the cousins and brothers. when i got back i went with Uncle Ron to go shooting. Uncle Ron just got a 9 mm Glock and he taught me how to shoot it. at first i was a little nervous- mostly it's the anticipation- but it was awesome! the worst part is anticipating the casing flying in your general direction. that is why you wear eye protection. Uncle Ron said i was a natural- which i take to be a compliment. i'd go shooting again next week! i'd like to try going to a shooting range and hitting a target- you know, like policemen do. after shooting i went on another four wheeling expedition. this was a little crazy! we drove through way deep water (probably a foot or so deep) and had some harder trails. but i liked it. Ben even drove for a little bit and did a great job! we all got pretty muddy though. that's a sacrifice i'm willing to make. i even got to watch a little bit of Iron Man in the theater room before we left. we were all pretty exhausted coming home. when i got back to provo i cleaned up and cleaned the house a little. then i watched The Birds. i got it from the library a couple weeks ago and have been waiting for the right time to watch it. i didn't want to watch it alone (mostly because my mom has warned me that i will pretty much be scarred for life after watching it) but since it was due today i had to watch it alone. i was a little scared, but let's be real- that blood is ketchup, the birds looked horribly fake, and the scared faces were cheesey. the ending was also cryptic. they just drive away and that's the end? no explanation or anything? i was disappointed. and no i'm not deathly afraid of birds now.
oh i also started reading The Help this weekend! it was a really fun weekend and i am sad to be back at the old grind stone. i have only one more week of "freedom" before i start the 2 week CNA class. did i mention i'm nervous for that? mostly just nervous that i will be exhausted all the time and i will eat unhealthy because i pretty much have to drive straight from class to work every night. please bless i pass and that i don't gain 10 pounds.
i hope ya'll had an wonderful a weekend as i did!


  1. I love four-wheeling! I'm sad we didn't get to meet up last week. Good luck on your CNA class!

    1. I love four wheeling too! I'm sad that didn't meet up too but we will sometime don't ya worry!