30 May 2012

national hamburger month

it's been on my "list" for a while now to go to Color Me Mine. in fact it was on my bucket list of 22 things to do when i'm 22 and so when i got a Groupon for a free studio fee, i had to use it! the Groupon expired tomorrow (obviously i'm all about doing things last minute) and so i got Allison, Mel and Megan (Mel's sister) to come with me. it ended up being a real fun time. i'm not super creative so i stick with the simple clean look. i painted a plate- orange center with a zebra edge. i am excited to see the final product!!! if you haven't been to Color Me Mine then you should definitely go! but unless you are made of money (or go there on a date- yay free stuff) i would wait for a deal on the studio fee because it's kinda expensive with the studio fee.

May is National Hamburger Month! did you know that? well i'm all about celebrations and i love me a good hamburger so i just had to celebrate. this afternoon Rach and I went to In-N-Out to get ourselves some quality burgers. ok i am ashamed to say that i haven't been there for probably three years. sad right? but their burgers are SO good and SO cheap! don't worry if you still want to celebrate National Hamburger Month, you've got one more day to go get yourself a burger!

oh, i also went on a date last night. bowling and froyo. really guys you would think with how many times i've been bowling on dates that i would be good at it. nope. i lost both games. but i totally think that i want to get on a bowling league here in provo next year. how do i go about doing that? do ya know? also, i just really like bowling shoes. the date was fun though. and i think i found someone who is a bigger harry potter nerd than i am! as my roommate said: is that even possible? yes. and i quite enjoy it!


  1. Ask your local bowling ally about leagues! They're SO much fun! You make great friends, and you definitely get better at the game! My husband and I did that this last year, and we absolutely loved it! We will be doing it again next year!:)

  2. So i am secretly coveting your hair. I know its a sin. BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT...... I love it so much and jealous. You are so cute. I miss you girl!

    1. woman i love YOUR hair! haha let's trade. i miss you too! you should come to utah!